Summer In Summary

Summer In Summary
So summer is almost over, and after being MIA over the past few weeks, both here and on my Youtube channel, I thought I’d post a little update of what’s going on, and a couple of pictures from my summer holidays! After being in and out of London for pretty much the whole summer, it’s been difficult to film, post, and especially upload, as plenty of places we stayed had zero internet, which was as tough as it was freeing! But, I’m back again, with no imminent trips in the pipeline, and lots of exciting content coming up over the next few weeks. We’ll be back with the regular Wednesday blog post and Sunday video routine from here on in, so definitely stay tuned for autumnal posts and videos coming your way. Autumn is my favourite season after all!

Summer In Summary
Summer In Summary

Inbetween several trips to North Wales for numerous weddings back in my hometown, we spent time with my boyfriend’s family in the Midlands, and ended up on several camping and glamping trips this summer- both which I loved. The glamping happened up in Scotland, and I have two blog posts about it here, and here, and also a short vlog of the whole trip here. As much as we loved glamping in style in Scotland, we still ended up going real camping at the beginning of this month, again in rural Wales, with a great group of friends, it was super chilled and the perfect way to celebrate the news I got just before we were about to leave!

Summer In Summary

And what was that news you ask? Well, I got a great new job! Another reason things have been quiet around here, is that I had to dedicate some time to my application, the interview process, etc. as the new job was hanging in the balance. But, even with my new responsibilities and position, I should still have time for my regular schedule here on the blog, using my evenings and weekends to come up with exciting new posts and videos for you guys. It is still one of my biggest passions after all.

Summer In Summary
Summer In Summary

That’s it for my little update blog post and a photo montage of the past few weeks, I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for a haul video going up this Sunday- full of treasure I’ve found over the past few weeks too. I hope you all had fantastic summers too, and I’ll see you all soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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