My Second Depop Haul!

Hello and welcome to today’s video! This week I have another Depop haul for you guys, as it’s fast become my favourite app, and I absolutely adore shopping on it. The great thing is, if you find willing participants, you can also swap your unwanted clothes- so even if you’re particularly broke at the moment, or trying to stretch your student loan as it is, you can still inject some new pieces into your wardrobe. Here’s what I both swapped and bought off the app recently…

That’s it for today’s video, I hope it’ll convince you to join the Depop community. I’m in no way sponsored by them, but have had a blast buying and selling on there of late, and want to spread the word! Don’t forget that you can add me on there @camilladelacoe if you’d like, and I’ll see you all very soon! Until next time…

Millie x

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