The Back-To-School Boot

The Back-To-School Boots

It’s nearing the end of August, and although I still have my summer holiday to come, there’s definitely a sense in the air that Autumn is well on its way. Autumn will forever remind me of that going back to school excitement, be it primary school, high school, or even university, the start of a new academic year, getting yourself a new set of stationery, and a pair of shoes to last you the season. Every year around this time, my Mum and I would take a trip to our local Clarks, and pick out some school shoes for me, that would be durable enough to last through all the playground shenanigans! It’s something I always remember about the back-to-school routine, and so when Clarks very kindly offered to let me pick out a pair of shoes from their autumn/winter collection this year, I jumped at the chance.

The Back-To-School Boots

I went along to my nearest London branch to check out the collection, and there were so many gorgeous, well-made, and comfortable pairs that it was truly difficult to settle on one pair. I finally went for the Orinoco Club boot in black which are the most cloud-like shoes I own now! As I’ve got older (OK, I’m 24) I’ve realised that where I used to squeeze my feet into any shoes if I thought they were cute, now I just cannot deal with uncomfortable footwear, and I always gravitate towards my most comfy ones- luckily they’re aesthetically pleasing too! Therefore, I genuinely feel as though these Clarks boots will be on my feet for the duration of autumn/winter, just like my old pairs would have been! Flashback alert!

The Back-To-School Boots

The Orinoco Club boots come in at a very reasonable £54.99, which I think for real leather, super soft boots is a massive steal. They come in multiple shades, which gives you extra choice, and the shape and detailing are reminiscent of a classic Chelsea boot, which gives them a timeless look, something that’s important if they’re going to be your go-to boots. No one wants their signature boots to go straight out of style, so it’s best to go classic, rather than trend-driven. Basically, I’m besotted, and I can’t thank Clarks enough for helping to make my autumn/winter wardrobe complete! If you want to get your hands on the Orinoco Clubs this year, they’re right here on the Clarks site for your browsing and/or buying pleasure!

The Back-To-School Boots

That’s it for today’s shoe-centric post, I hope you enjoyed it! What was, or is, your favourite part of the going back to school process? I’d love to know, so you can always leave me a comment here, or tweet me @MillieDelacoe on Twitter!
Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Ooh these are really nice, i’m going to be looking for a pair of boots in the next couple of weeks so Clarks will definitely be one of my first ports of call!

  2. Hey, I discovered your site the other day and I think I’m in love! Your style is really similar to mine and it’s so nice to find a London-based fashion blogger who manages to look super stylish on a budget 🙂 I’ll be moving back down next month and will prooooobably be skint haha, so this blog is a lifesaver! And those boots look really comfy!

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