Behind The Scenes: London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2014

Here it is, my long-awaited LFW post! I couldn’t believe it when I got an invite this year from the lovely Jade of Nouvelle Noire. Being my partner-in-blogging-crime she invited me along to the London Fashion Week Fashion Scout at Freemason’s Hall, to check out some up and coming talent in the fashion industry. My highlight was definitely the Jamie Wei Huang show which was the first one we saw, every piece was amazing and I’ve mentally bankrupted myself imagining splurging on everything from the collection. We even got to sit on the Frow for that show, which was an experience in itself! I thought I’d take you through some of the snaps from our experience of the shows and share some of my favourite pieces and moments with you, there’s quite a few!

London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014

The Jamie Wei Huang Show

Certainly my favourite, Huang showcased leather separates, clunky boots and rich autumnal colours, mixed with fresh whites. It was 100% my style and the boots in particular had me swooning. Cleated ‘shark-tooth’ soles are everywhere right now, and if Jamie’s predictions for A/W ’14 are right, they’re not going anywhere either- music to my ears. The structured pieces had a masculine edge that stopped pieces like a skirt and jacket feeling too feminine, or even too business-oriented. My favourite look was a leather jacket and skirt combo, again with the clunky footwear. Definitely a look I’d go for without hesitation!

London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014

The Pam Hogg Show

Our last show on the Friday was Pam Hogg, and boy was there a crowd trying to get in! It was a show that everyone wanted to see, and it was absolutely packed to the rafters. Catsuits were aplenty, and my favourite look was a silver and purple one, modelled by the most amazing catwalk model ever, she was so feisty and loving every minute of it, as you’d expect from a Pam Hogg model! The looks ranged from crazy catsuits to oversized veils with a distinct wedding air. It was all very theatrical and made for the performance, rather than a collection that you could take a piece away from from your own wardrobe. Hogg wanted to support Pussy Riot with her latest collection, placards were brandished and the finale was punctuated with blasts of ‘Mother Russia’. Definitely a spectacle.

London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014

The Belle Sauvage Show

The final show and one that reflected my personal taste, was Belle Sauvage. If anyone was under any illusion that chain print is out, think again my friend. If you’re a monochrome lover, or you like mixing your black and white with a punch of red from time to time, this collection is for you. Being as they were going for my regular colour palette, I couldn’t help think that every piece would slide seamlessly into my wardrobe. The collection was well-edited and cohesive, every piece ‘belonged’ so to speak and the gorgeous cuts had been considered just as much as the mentioned colour palette and awesome prints. It had a youthful, playful feel to it, but there was definitely an air of sophistication and Parisienne to the dresses and skirts. Absolutely, undoubtedly ooh-la-la.

London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Week 2014

I had a fantastic time at London Fashion week and I want to say a massive thank you to my lovely friend Jade for bringing my along! It was such a great experience and has always been a dream of mine to actually go rather than just read about it! A vlog of the event will be coming up shortly, so I’ll embed the video on this post when it goes live, but until then I’ll say goodbye. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. All these collections look amazing! Check out my behind the scenes post x

  2. London is fabulous when Fashion Week is on… such a great atmosphere and buzz.

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