Behind The Scenes: House of Fraser High Summer Press Day

House Of Fraser High Summer 2014

Last week I headed out to House of Fraser’s latest press day, and they were showcasing High Summer, so plenty of holiday-worthy wardrobe staples. I was lucky enough to go to House of Fraser’s last event, which was great and which I ended up winning a gift voucher for my write-up of! If you’re going on a tropical vacay this year, or are planning to at the very least, you have to head to House of Fraser in the coming weeks. Everything screamed, drinking-out-of-a-pineapple-on-a-deserted-beach, however there were a few city-chic pieces for those who are more Barcelona than Barbados when it comes to getaways.

House Of Fraser High Summer 2014

House Of Fraser High Summer 2014

Some of the highlights for me, were an incredible military-embellished bag, print-clashing with an orange floral top, and a Tatty Devine parrot necklace that totally stole the show. The press day was sectioned into swimwear, holiday attire and occasionwear, and they had tonnes of gorgeous prints. The bright, patterned swimsuits and bikinis were juxtaposed wonderfully in front of the window being as it was a horrendous day outside, typical London rain!

House Of Fraser High Summer 2014

House Of Fraser High Summer 2014

As well as beachwear galore, there was another fabulously-dressed room, that resembled a garden party, and featured everything you’d need to be a summer wedding guest, or for an upcoming prom, or graduation party. They had faux grass, a tea party and a wide variety of gorgeous dresses suitable for a wide range of ages, whether you want something super fun, or chic and classic.

Thanks again to House of Fraser for letting me come along. Be sure to check out my vlog of the event too for even more insight, and a giveaway! You could win my entire goodie bag from the event, so get involved! Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Hey love, Thanks for the post, let us know if you post about yesterday’s #HOFpressday too! I hope you enjoyed it? 🙂 Pippa x

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