This Week’s Video: A Primark Haul (With My BFF)!

Hello and welcome to today’s video post. This week I’m posting a Primark haul, because let’s face it, it’s one of our favourite places to shop isn’t it! The reason I believe these videos are so popular is because of the lack of a Primark online store, it makes it hard for us to know what they’re stocking at the moment. Never fear, if you want to see what Primark has instore at the moment, here it is.

My best friend and I did a little pilgrimage to the massive Tottenham Court Road Primark while she was staying with me last month, and we picked up a fair few pieces that are perfect for autumn/winter. Tartan is everywhere at the moment, but if you want to save some money on the mega trend, Primark’s your best bet.

That’s it for this week’s video, let me know what you thought of our buys by leaving me a comment here or on the video, or by tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Can’t even believe the necklace is from Primark! Gorgeous!!!

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