Best of the Biker Skirts: 5 Under £50!

If you’ve already seen my latest OOTD, then it’ll come as no surprise to you that I’m OBSESSED with biker skirts at the moment. Stylestalker’s amazing tough biker skirt has been sported by almost everyone, and many copies have since hit the shops that work the trend for less. With online retailers’ incredible copy of the Stylestalker being sold out across the globe, it seems there’s no alternative than to seek out alternatives. So, if you want a great biker skirt without shelling out a whole load, then today’s post is for you.


The first skirt I’m showing today is the exact skirt I picked up recently and featured in my OOTD. I absolutely love this faux leather Motel Rocks piece and think it’s incredibly well-priced at just £15 in their sale. I paid £21, so you’re getting an even bigger bargain than me, and Motel Rocks’ high quality hasn’t wained with this gorgeous well-made piece, I love it and haven’t wanted to stop wearing it since it arrived on my doorstep.


Keeping with the statement zip, is this gorgeous Cheap Monday skirt from At £41.95 this is today’s most expensive skirt, but the brand name sells itself, and you can’t go wrong investing in Cheap Monday. The zip on this skirt runs the entire length of the fabric and the panels help add a bit of a sci-fi feel to this already awesome skirt. Easy to dress up, or down, this skirt is going to look just as good with heels as it is with Converse. If you don’t mind splashing out a bit more for your biker skirt, this is the way to go.


Next up is a coated biker skirt, so it looks like faux leather but will give a bit more flexibility. At £25 this is extremely well-priced too, and will look great with your favourite tees tucked in with boots. The asymmetric zip is a favourite of mine when it comes to biker skirts, and this River Island offering has not one, but two zip details across it. This is slightly longer than most, so if you’d like a biker skirt that’s more suitable for day, this might be the one.


Steering away from the super tough skirts now is this cute, super cheap £10.95 offering also from The huge zip on the front of this skirt is just for show, with a small side zip hidden round the side, and it’s a bit more of a ladylike and office-friendly take on the biker skirt trend. If you want to add a little something else to a simple ensemble, but don’t want to go crazy, this super affordable Nelly piece is for you.


Finally today, is the safest of all today’s skirts. Yes it is biker-esque and it does have zips, but like the Nelly skirt above, this is much more demure, and the lack of faux leather makes it arguably more wearable for those who don’t want to go the whole nine yards. With a smart top and cute heels in the evening, this Missguided skirt is going to be great for a dinner date, but teamed with flats and your favourite tee, this isn’t going to look out of place during the day either. At £17.99 this won’t break the bank, but it might make mixing up your wardrobe a little easier.

That’s it for today’s biker skirts rundown, I hope it’ll help you find your perfect skirt for less! Let me know what you think of today’s pieces by leaving me a comment below or by tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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