She Hearts Sunday #4

Hello and welcome to another She Hearts Sunday, today I have tonnes of great fashion and beauty tidbits for you so grab a cuppa, put up your feet and revel in the goings on of the fashion world this week.

She Hearts…Marilyn at Mac

Mac’s long-awaited Marilyn Monroe inspired collection is about to drop tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled instore and online. I’ve never been as seriously into make up as to splurge at Mac before, but if that was going to change it would take a Marilyn collection to do it. Although I believe the packaging could be better, Mac’s products are well-loved by all so I have no doubt about their pigmentation, longevity and quality. I already have a go-to Marilyn-esque red lipstick, but were I in the market for one, this would probably be where I’d go. The collection features many different shades of red to suit every girl, so you can be whatever type of Marilyn you want to be. Being the biggest Marilyn fan ever I don’t know if I can resist picking up at least one thing from this collection, however if you want to be thrifty I’m 100% sure you could find plenty of Marilyn-esque products on the high street cheaper.

To see the full collection and swatches click here for Temptalia’s video.

She Hearts…Star Wars for Black Milk Clothing

Geeks the world over, may I have your attention as Star Wars is about to go seriously sartorial! Yes, you heard me right. Cult fashion brand Black Milk are releasing (or arguably re-releasing) their Star Wars collection this Tuesday and it’s not to be missed. The most wearable they may not be, but if you’d love a ‘body’ for layering that incorporates your favourite Star Wars character this is your kind of thing. If you need some R2-D2 or C3PO in your wardrobe then this aussie line is the stuff of dreams, be sure to check it out.

She Hearts…Lisa Eldridge’s Biba Look

For those who hear Biba and think iconic fashion, rather than Canadian tween heart-throb, I salute you. In my eyes the only Biba worth a mention is the amazing brand created by Barbara Hulanicki which has inspired women worldwide since its inception. This week make up artist extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge uploaded this amazing Biba-inspired make up look onto Youtube, based off sketches from Barbara Hulanicki herself. It’s an incredible look that while is not the most wearable for everyday, is great if you love experimenting with make up and are as obsessed as me when it comes to vintage. Enjoy.

She Hearts…Emilie of New Gloom

After hearing one of my favourite Youtubers Estee of Essiebutton recommending Emilie of New Gloom’s videos a little while ago, I have utterly fallen in love with them. Emilie creates really beautiful videos about life in general and her musings, always with a signature almost vintage style and gorgeous music. Her latest video titled ‘Cabin Fever’ is a lovely introspective video where she discusses ‘waithood’ and her desire to start her life after graduation. She’s called it filming an ‘existential crisis’ but I think her video is particularly meaningful and poignant to those of us who still feel like we’re waiting for life to really begin after university, so this is for all of us.

That’s it for this week’s She Hearts Sunday, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you’ve been loving this week by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images link back to source, all opinions are my own, no links are affiliate links.

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