Anna Dello Russo for H&M (My Picks)

Oh H&M, you always get it so right. There is no high street store that delivers more when it comes to collaborations, particularly affordable ones. As I’m sure you’re well aware the iconic brand have just released their fabulous Lana Del Rey lookbook, but they’re not resting on their laurels, oh no. Vogue Japan editor, street style icon and all-round queen of eccentricity Anna Dello Russo has famously designed an incredible collection of accessories that are set to hit H&M instore and online on Friday, there’s so much buzz about this collection, but of course I thought I’d give my two cents, too!

Anna Dello Russo is never seen without an array of fabulous and often OTT accessories that are synonymous with her style, and she’s brought her signature Italian look to the shelves for us all to give a go. While the large collection ranges from costume jewellery to luggage to footwear, I thought I’d show you my personal favourites or ‘edit’ from the collection that I feel will give you the most wearability for your money and see you through season after season.

The must-have piece from the collection for me is definitely the turquoise suitcase with gold frame detailing. Great luggage that will stand the test of time is a great investment, and let’s face it, you’ll never lose your case again with this stylish and slightly out-there design. This design screams ‘Italy’ to me, if you’ve ever been to Venice you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The gold detailing is reminiscent of the opulent walls and ornaments that decorate the great rooms of buildings like the Doge’s Palace and I love that that sense of luxury will travel with you wherever you go. This comes in at £99.99 which for a technically ‘designer’ item I think is a fair price. It’s glam, but it’s practical and it’s definitely one-of-a-kind, I utterly love it.

Next up, in keeping with the luggage theme is the matching turquoise and gold vanity case, complete with crown! This vanity case comes in at £69.99 which I think seems a little steep seeing as the suitcase is almost £100, but if you’re going to go for the case, it’s almost criminal not to get the matching vanity bag. The cases together are the pieces I see selling out the fastest and being worth most once they’re sold out, so don’t regret saying no and instead embrace saying yes to this incredible set.

My cheaper pick from the bag collection is arguably the most wearable as it’s a soft everyday bag, that is again, gold and turquoise! This £34.99 bag has the gold frame pattern that seems to be this collection’s trademark as well as an illustrated padlock. I love how outlandish this bag is, yet the fabric and the shape keep it so practical for fitting in all your day to day necessities. I feel like you could get away with using this as an overnight bag which would add to its practicality, but the gold hardware keeps it feeling just that bit more glam than your average piece of arm candy.

Next up is an Elizabeth Taylor-esque piece that I feel is so classic, it will never go out of style. Vintage inspired pieces like this will take you from super glam in an LBD or stunning cocktail dress a la Liz, to paired over your favourite grungy t-shirt to give you that modern spin on daytime luxe. I love that this piece won’t be immediately noticeable as a high street piece, so long as you pair it with the right outfit. At £29.99 this is a great price point for a high street collab piece as it’s special enough to pay just a little more than you usually would, without breaking the bank.

As you can probably tell from the luggage I’m a sucker for matching items, even if I won’t necessarily wear them together, it’s always nice to have that option, am I right? That’s exactly why I fell for these equally Elizabeth Taylor earrings that are cocktail hour perfection. Unless you’re going to a big glitzy shindig, I wouldn’t advise wearing the necklace and earrings together, but on their own these earrings will really make an outfit pop, for £14.99 they’re a great way to get yourself a slice of the Dello Russo pie without a surefire visit from the bailiffs.

Before I go…check out the awesome lookbook video featuring Dello Russo herself. The ‘music video’ encourages you to embrace the ‘fashion shower’ and if you want to see the collection and indeed Anna in action, this you have to see.

That’s it for today’s post, I hope that my recommendations may interest you or help you decide what you might pick up from this collection. Let me know if you’re planning to get hold of any of these pieces by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images link back to source. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the little turqoise clutch with the golden lamb! Saw it in Instyle this morning while eating breakfast as well and now here..haha.. 🙂 Its so adorable! Great post!

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