OOTD: Covent Garden

Hey guys, I’m back today with another OOTD, this time from the Saturday just gone. My boyfriend and I love the Seven Dials at Covent Garden and it’s one of our favourite places to shop on a weekend. If you haven’t been, it’s full of boutiques and one-off quirky stores, but there are also some high street favourites there too, it really is a great shopping destination, whether you have something in mind you need to pick up, or you just fancy a mooch around a more unfamiliar area.

For some reason the sun was out in force on Saturday, which was a welcome break from the monotonous rain we’ve had every other day, so I decided to celebrate that in bright colours. Despite the sun, it wasn’t too warm so a ceratin amount of layers was mandatory, but this is what I chose to wear.

I’m wearing a bird printed dress that I picked up at Spitalfields in February and which I love. It has lovely long sleeves, is a gorgeous silky material (though obviously it’s not real silk) and a huge bow at the neckline for extra drama. I think it’s super cute, and I think I paid about £10-15 for this at the market, but I’ve seen this print in similar dresses in loads of markets since. My coat is a classic from Peacocks and I wear it to death, I can’t believe it was only £6 in the sale a few years ago! My converse are from Schuh and my leggings are from George at Asda. My bag which is pretty nonchalant is a small sling bag from Primark and the black belt came with a skirt from River Island a few years ago. I just wanted to go for something fun and colourful, it was the weekend after all, and these kind of comfy yet colourful outfits are my favourite things to wear!

On my nails I’m wearing Ciate’s Purple Sherbet which came free with Marie Claire this month. They have two other colours available, Jelly Bean, which is a bright fuschia, and Bonbon which I believe is a light greige. Being a Ciate polish I expected big things from this polish and I really do love it. The colour is gorgeous, it’s so shiny especially in person and it applies like a dream. I took it off yesterday to paint my nails a different colour, and after four days it hadn’t chipped at all. Top marks.

Being as I’m trying to save for our holiday in August, or as I like to call it ‘The Great Olympic Escape’, I really restrained myself while we were browsing the shops. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to wander past Zara at the moment, what with all the gorgeous studded things in the window. Swoon. I did pick up three things while we were out though, all under £4, so I can’t beat myself up about that. We popped into Artbox, which is one of my favourite shops, possibly of all time. Now you may or may not know that I love a bit of kawaii, and by that I mean I love slightly tacky, childish, Japanese type stuff, what a lot of people would call ‘hideous’ I imagine! But each to their own and all that, so we went into basically kawaii heaven, where I picked up some stickers to tackify a notebook I bought recently for all my to-do lists.

As an organisation nut, I love making lists, and what better to get you to follow them through, than if they’re written in a cutesy book? These are the sets of stickers I picked up, and I’ll be posting up a DIY kawaii notebook post this week to show you how the notebook turned out! You can purchase kawaii stickers from the Artbox website if you’re interested, for the left pack (Sweets) click here, for the middle pack (The Wedding) click here, and for the right pack (Alice In Wonderland), click here.

Had to pop this in too, how cute is the Artbox bag? Seriously love that shop!

That’s it for today’s OOTD and sneak peek of the kawaii notebook. If slightly (completely) tacky fabulousness is up your street, stay tuned for my DIY Kawaii Notebook post that will go live this week, you won’t want to miss it! Let me know what you’ve been wearing this week, and what’s the weather like where you are? As bad as here? Leave me a comment or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images were taken and are owned by my boyfriend and I. I am not affiliated, sponsored by or associated with any of the mentioned brands or companies and the links are not affiliate links. I paid for all my purchases with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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