Sneak Peek: Brand new business cards!

Hey there guys, apologies for being away for two days, it’s been super busy in Millieville and there are lots of exciting things on their way! One of the exciting things that’s happened today is the arrival of my new business cards! As you may know I’m currently blogging and interning and all that jazz, to try and one day (soon) get into the fashion industry I so love! Being as the job market is tres difficile at the moment, it’s always good to try and stand out, which is why my lovely boyfriend decided to give me a hand in designing some new business cards that will hopefully wow someone important’s socks off!

I thought I’d post them up here for you guys to have a sneaky peek at. Aren’t they fab? My only brief was for them to be ‘in keeping’ with my blog theme and CV which all have a similar style. As you can see, we worked with similar fonts and colour schemes to this very blog, and I’m so excited about how they worked out.

We ordered them from which I’ve always heard good things about and which is reasonably priced, allows you to be really creative with your cards and has rave reviews from my nearest and dearest. These cards, although you may not be able to tell in the photos, are super thick and sturdy and have red running down the side for an even more luxe feel. We wanted them to be simple, yet punchy and I feel like we got it! These cards were around £37 for 50 which I don’t think is bad at all as they arrived really quickly, fuss free and are brilliant quality. As you can see they also come in a cute box so you can keep them nice until you hand them out. There was a cool quote card on the top of the pile as well with an inspirational phrase on it in a gorgeous font. Overall the whole package makes the cards seem even more special and you can see they’ve gone to a lot of effort, what with the mock wax seal and all! Thought I’d point out (though I’m sure most of you will understand) that that was me who blocked off the phone number for my personal protection and the cards didn’t come like that!

I’m not affiliated or associated with or anything like that but I just wanted to give them a shout out for my fabulous business cards and maybe give you guys a heads up that they’re around incase you’re looking for a good business card printers!

I hope that’s helped some of you, let me know if you’re trying to break into the industry like me at the moment, what are your experiences? I’d love to know, leave me a comment below or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: As aforementioned I’m not affiliated, associated or sponsored by in any way. I paid for these cards with my own money and they were designed by my boyfriend and I. All photos were taken and are owned by us. The links are not affiliate links.

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  1. Loves them.

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