Bargain of the Week: Pastel Cashmere Jumper

It has long been an aspiration of mine to own a gorgeous cashmere jumper. Ordinarily they’re out of my price range, and let’s face it, the less expensive ones aren’t always the nicest either. I had resigned myself to the fact that owning a lovely real cashmere jumper was going to have to wait, that was until I found my dream jumper this weekend!

My boyfriend and I were wandering Portobello and I was in one of my charity shop routing moods when we went into Fara just off Portobello Road itself. As I was routing around I spotted something in the corner of my eye in the most gorgeous pastel blue, and as I grabbed it from the rack I realised not only was it a beautiful blue jumper, but it was 100% cashmere. I paid a lowly £20 for this brand new, never-been-worn jumper with the tags still on, and originally it should have been around £80+ from M&S. What a bargain!

This is how I’m going to style my jumper, with floral jeans and a jewelled necklace to give it a bit more of a youthful vibe. It’s adding a bit of luxe to this planned outfit and it’s hands-down the softest thing I own! I can’t wait to use this as a pullover this summer, but also wear it all winter long with a multitude of ensembles. The pastel hue is perfect for pairing with so many things I have in my wardrobe, and I’ve even tried wearing it under a pastel pink blazer, it goes with everything!

Incase you’re interested in any of the other pieces featured, the floral jeans are from Primark (£13 and still in stock) and I did a whole post on them a few weeks ago, (click here to read that), the jewelled necklace is H&M, (£9.99 and still in stock) and the shoes were from Primark around two years ago so unfortunately they’re not available anymore!

That’s it for today’s bargain of the week, I hope it gives you some wardrobe inspiration! What bargains have you guys come across lately and what’s the best thing you’ve ever found in a charity shop? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All photos were taken and are owned by me.

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  1. ooo the necklace is beautiful with blue, i was stuck for what to wear mine with but now it’s definitely going to be my blue things, thank you! x

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