May Glossybox (Anniversary Box): Contents + Initial Thoughts

It’s nearing the end of month and that means it was about time for a beauty treat in the form of a Glossybox. My May Glossybox arrived on my doorstep this afternoon and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Being as it’s the 1st birthday box, they really have pulled out the stops and I’m on the whole, pretty excited about what I received!

As with last month, this is just a chance to see what I received in my box and what I initially thought of it. A full indepth review post will come in around two weeks when I have had the chance to fully test all the products fairly.

If you’re new to the Glossybox concept and aren’t familiar with the beauty box ‘phenomenon’ then feel free to visit the post about my first Glossybox where I explain all about it, (just click here to read the post). For those of you well versed in the world of the beauty box, let’s dive right in.

The box this month has the cutest wrapping paper inside, covered in lipsticks and compacts and I’m definitely keeping it for my scrapbook. Other than that the box is pretty standard, bearing in mind last month’s was biodegradable and textured, fitting with the ‘natural’ theme.

It seems like this month there were tonnes of things in my Glossybox, being as they sent a birthday balloon and a compact mirror as well as all the products. I also received two fragrance samples and two face masks as opposed to one of each this month which was a welcome treat!

I’m loving this compact as I’ve recently found myself without one, and one of the two mirrors inside it is hugely maginified, which is perfect for tweezing brows! Welcome to my handbag, Glossybox mirror.

Aside from the celebratory mirror and balloon, the first thing I noticed was this 75ml bottle of Noble Isle bath and shower gel. Having read through the accompanying pamphlet about the brand history and being as it says ‘Est. 2011’ on the bottle, I don’t blame myself for having not heard of this company before now. I’m excited that the scent is ‘Cornish Hedgerows’, as my uni years were spent in Cornwall, so I should know what Cornish hedges smell like! I must say, Cornish hedgerows aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when I smell this, but it is pleasant all the same and I’m looking forward to showering with it nonetheless. It’s a truly gorgeous, springy floral scent, so I can see where the ‘hedgerow’ inspiration has come from.

Next up I received two fragrance testers, both for Lolita Lempicka perfumes. As you may know from reading last month’s Glossybox review, I really disliked my Kai scent sample, and therefore have been a little put off fragrance samples since then. This month however I did receive a scent I really like and could see myself wearing, which is the Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum. I seem to remember trying this years ago in my teens, after falling in love with the bottle and thinking it smelt a bit old for me. But alas, now I have aged, I’m really loving it, it’s very individual, and I honestly can’t think of another perfume to compare it to. It’s very fresh but strong enough that you’re not going to lose the scent after a few hours. Of course at £65 a bottle it isn’t the cheapest, but seeing as my current perfume has been discontinued, this could be my new favourite!

The second scent was Si Lolita which I’m not a fan of. There’s something about it which reminds me of Chloe Narcisse and Cacharel’s Anais Anais which are both perfumes I really don’t get on with. There’s little else to say other than I won’t be trying out this scent again, but I love the other one though!

Thirdly (or fourthly if you want to be really strict) I received two Apivita Express Beauty Masks which to my dismay are advertised ‘with cucumber’. I loathe cucumber with a fiery passion so I really hope they’re not going to smell overly cucmber-esque. I know of course (before I get told off in the comments!) that cucumber does wonders for the skin but it’s the scent that I can’t stomach, therefore it has damped my spirits a bit. Of course I’m going to go ahead and test out the masks anyway, as hydration is always a good thing for my normal to dry skin, and fingers crossed it will smell delicious! I love a good face mask to really pamper myself on an evening so I’m saving these for a girly Sex and The City night.

Next I received a small vial of Osmo’s Berber Oil hair treatment with argan oil which I’m guessing is pretty much just like Moroccan Oil. Hair oils have gone stellar over the past year and anyone who’s anyone in the blogging world has been raving on about Moroccan Oil in particular, so it was about time I got involved. Hair oil goes a long way so I’m guessing this little vial is going to last me which is good, now I can really get a feel for the product and the effects and see if it genuinely does make a difference to my hair. I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly I received a lovely pair of false lashes from Eldora. From the criss-cross lash shape I’m guessing these are going to give me loads of volume and impact. I’m not adverse to falsies, but I haven’t worn them for years, so I’m looking forward to giving these a go. I really do love my current mascara which is Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast (click here to read a post all about it) and I feel that gives me all the volume and height I need, and unless I’m in fancy dress, I feel that some lashes are totally over the top. Nevertheless I’m going to pop these on and insert a photo into the indepth review post that will be up in a couple of weeks. Who knows, these lashes could convince me to put down my volumising mascara and take the leap!

So that was my Glossybox this month, I’m really excited to get stuck in trying out and reviewing some of these products, and of course I’ll let you all know how I feel about each product in my indepth review post in the middle of June. This month’s box has given me the opportunity to try out loads of things I wouldn’t have necessarily bought on my own, such as the Lolita Lempicka perfume which I’m now in love with, the hair oil, and of course the lovely false lashes.

Let me know what you think of this month’s contents, have you tried any of these products, and if you’re a subscriber, what did you get in your Glossybox? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Feel free to link your Glossybox reviews in the comment box so I can see what you received too. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer (because you have to don’t you!): All photos were taken and are owned by me. My Glossybox subscription is paid for with my own money and I am not affiliated with Glossybox or any of the mentioned brands. All opinions are my own.

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