High Street Hardware: Grunge Glam Jewellery at H&M

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, at the moment I’ve been going completely crazy for anything grungy. It’s a great antithesis to the super girly candy colours that are hitting high street stores lately, but there’s a great balance that you can create with some grunge glam accessories too. If you want to give your pretty summer frock a little bit of an edge, or your sloppy tees and skinny jeans could do with some jazzing up, it’s all about hardware this season. In true Coachella style, a multitude of bracelets on your arm is in vogue, as is a thick bike style chain to really toughen up your neckline. Here are a few inspirational images that should help you visualise the trend.

While this look is striking and can really give your outfit that high end vibe, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve it. During several visits to H&M recently I’ve come across some gorgeous pieces that really nail this look, and all for under £10.

We’ll start with the gorgeous multi-faceted gold studs, which were a steal at £2.99. They came on a card with one other pair which I’m not as fond of which are silver triangles. These aren’t flashy or particularly attention grabbing, but they’re the only earrings that have pried me away from my faithful pearl studs. I love that these are neat and small yet still have that grungy edge, perfect for days when you want to go minimal with your accessories, but teaming these with the other pieces doesn’t overcomplicate the look.

Next up is a set of three bracelets which you’ll notice have the names of a city on each of them, Paris, London and New York. These look amazing bunched up altogether on your arm and especially when teamed with other bracelets. These came in at £3.99 which is just over £1 for each one, so I don’t think you can go far wrong with that.

Another great bracelet from H&M is pictured above, and is the multi-faceted gold wrap bracelet above the ‘New York’ band that comes in at just £2.99. I love that this is more or less exactly the same as the earrings and has a cool punky edge. When worn together these bracelets really toughen up your look and the mix of textures is what gives it that higher end feel. The other accessories featured here are an ASOS watch, black and gold triple chain New Look bracelet and finally a super bargainous studded wrap bracelet recently from Primark for just £1.50, pictured at the bottom of the above image.

Finally in today’s grunge glam jewellery lookbook is my absolute favourite piece and one that I have worn tirelessly since buying it at the beginning of the month. It’s this simple grungy chain necklace that was just £6.99 from H&M and which I am struggling to pair with a bad outfit. There is little that this necklace doesn’t compliment, as super girly ensembles gain a tough edge, while already grungy outfits just become amplified. I feel that this is the kind of go-to piece that every girl needs in her collection, if you’re stuck for an accessory to pair with your outfit, it’s a pretty safe bet that this will match up, I’ve found it extremely versatile. A few weeks ago I posted this image in an OOTD of me wearing the necklace with a pretty pansy print dress to give it an edge, and I loved the way this look came together.

That’s it for today’s accessories lookbook! Is this a trend you’ll be buying into, and if so what pieces do you fancy for yourself? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

All inspirational images link back to source, all other product images were taken and are owned by me.

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