Make up + jewellery storage: A super cheap + easy solution

Storage. Us girls never have enough do we? There are things here, there and everywhere, when what we really want is an organised place to put all our essentials. Like a lot of you readers out there I have a tonne of make up and loads of costume jewellery that I like to mix and match with my outfits, but it can be difficult to get it all sorted out. Recently while browsing the Asda website I came across some great storage solutions that I just had to share that have really worked out well for me.

Living in a small flat in the city with my boyfriend means I’m pushed for space and until recently was resorting to keeping my jewellery all bunched up in an old make up bag. What a no-no. Not only did everything get tangled despite my best efforts, it was almost impossible to locate a certain piece without upturning the bag and spilling out all the contents for a rummage. Until now!

These ‘wham’ storage boxes from Asda are a lowly £2.79 each and are made to store craft supplies, but they also make perfect boxes for jewellery and cosmetics. What’s better, if you live in the UK but you don’t have an Asda near you (like me) you can order them from Asda Direct, the shipping is around £3 and you only pay once, no matter how many you order. I got loads to stack all my things and keep them perfectly organised in one place.

The boxes are sectioned inside which makes them perfect for keeping everything ship shape. There are eight small sections on the left, 4 larger segments in the middle and a large segment running up the right hand side. It doesn’t matter how many small pieces of jewellery you pop in as the lid clicks closed with fasteners, so there’s no chance of things going missing. This box suits my jewellery amazingly well, as every piece can have its own section and there’s no risk of chains getting tangled up or knotted beyond repair. Charm necklaces fit really well in the smaller segments, and for those really chunky necklaces, the side compartment is ideal. Getting ready is so much quicker now that I can instantly pair a piece of jewellery with my outfit, yet there isn’t a huge jewellery case in my room that I have to find space for.

As well as jewellery, these boxes are perfect for make up. Individual shadows, blushers and particularly lip products fit really well in the compartments. I love that I just glance down now through the translucent lid and choose my lip colour, it beats rifling through a make up bag looking for something before you leave the house. I still keep my basics and everyday products in one make up bag altogether, but for overspill and products you only use once in a while, this is a great solution if you don’t want to spend a fortune or take up too much space.

That’s it for today’s storage solution post, I hope you found it helpful! How do you store all your products and do you have a system you’re really proud of? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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