Autumn In Retrospect

Autumn In Retrospect

Today I come to you with a bit of a flashback post, which is pretty fitting, being as it has been so long since I popped anything new up on the blog or on my channel. As our lives get busier, it can be easy to let hobbies (particularly time-intensive ones), fall by the wayside- but I’m determined to get back into the swing of things, as I do genuinely love creating blog posts, snapping photos, making videos and sharing all life’s adventures (and outfits) along the way.

Autumn In Retrospect

These photos I thought were lost to the ether after a rather horrendous laptop issue, but lo and behold, backed up on the cloud by some mere miracle, they survived! Despite the fact it is almost 12 months since I took these photos, I still wanted to share these autumnal shots- as it is just the most amazing time of year. I’m happily embracing autumn 2017 while simultaneously reminiscing about the beauty of last year too.

Autumn In Retrospect

Autumn In Retrospect

These shots were taken in Richmond Park- one of my favourite London spots- and a great place for an autumn/winter walk. Carving out an afternoon to spend amongst the falling leaves is an absolute must! I’m wearing my trusty Bikbok (via Zalando) yellow anorak- which is my pride and joy, and which you’ll probably be sick of seeing if you follow me on Instagram! My apologies! They still have some like this available if you’re interested in getting one like it.

Autumn In Retrospect

That’s all for today- just a short and sweet post to ease back into things! Be sure to check back next week if you want tips on visiting Norway- particularly Bergen, as a recommendations and very photo-heavy post is coming up. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through the inadvertent hiatus! Until next time…

Millie x

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