Customise It!

Customise It

This year it’s all about customising pieces, and making your outerwear and accessories in particular unlike any others. While the high street has lots of offerings if you want a ready-made patched jacket or bag, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of doing it yourself and wearing something that you can be sure no one else will have. As I’ve been busy patching up not one, but two jackets, and giving a thrifted bag a new twist, I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve personalised these pieces, and great places to get unique and quirky details to add to your next customisation project.

Customise It

My first jacket customisation began when I spotted this incredible black denim jacket in the sale on Disturbia. It already has amazing distressing and rips, and I knew straight away that I had to get it, to add patches and pins to. It already has silver alien embellished buttons- so I knew adding patches and pins would look great on it, I even picked up the alien pin from there also. My first tip would be to get on Instagram for some great inspiration, because as soon as I added one patch company, I got suggested so many more amazing ones! I first picked up a collection of patches from Metadopethe ‘Death Before Decaf’ mug patch and UFO patch you can see here. I then picked up further patches from Ball and Chain; the rose and dagger patch, and the ‘My Kind Belongs Nowhere’ patch- both of which I love. I’d also recommend Red Temple Prayer, who make the Shakespearean ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ pin, that I adore, and the circular ‘Death Before Decaf’ patch with the biker on.

Customise It

I also added an old Star Wars charity pin, a super adorable Pokemon pin that I found on Depop, a Nasa patch also from Depop, and further patches from Ebay (the wolf and lucky cat). Finally my boyfriend gave me a super cute Star Trek pin he got in a Lootcrate a little while ago. I started by placing the biggest patches where I thought they’d look best, built on that and then pinned all the patches before ironing them on. I used an old pillowcase on top of the patches so as not to burn them with the iron. As some patches are stronger than others, I then went through and sewed all the patches on that I thought may peel off, and gradually ended up sewing all the patches on just to be super safe. Even though I ended up sewing them all on, I still think it’s worthwhile ironing them on first just so the placement is perfect.

Customise It

The next DIY ‘project’ I started was giving this charity shop bag a new lease of life. I love the look of bamboo handle bags, and they’ve come back around lately thanks to Gucci and the like. As soon as the saw the bamboo effect handle, I knew I had to have this woven bag. It still manages to feel quite fresh, even though it has a definite vintage look and feel. I love the woven texture of the monochrome material. The only thing I didn’t love about this was the lack of a strap, because I’m no good at carrying around an actual handbag. As soon as I got home I found this spare ‘optional’ chain strap from a clutch bag that I’ve never got around to using, and I love how the gold really amps up the bag and makes it more fun. To make the bag even more personalised I added this set of brooches from Zara. I think this bag now looks like it cost far more than the £6 I paid for it from the charity shop, and it’s a real statement piece that no one else will have.

Customise It

The final piece I’ve customised recently is this black suede jacket from Topshop, that I picked up via Depop. I found this amazing, and huge, Daft Punk patch on Etsy, and decided I needed the perfect jacket to sew it onto. So many suede and leather jackets have seams running down the back, which makes it difficult to sew a patch on, but this is completely plain, which is perfect for a DIY project. When I was younger and first fell in love with Daft Punk, I longed for one of the jackets that Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter wore, but they still to this day have never been available online that I know of, and trust me I’ve searched high and low. As my absolute favourite artists, I knew I one day had to make this jacket happen, and here it is! This patch had to be sewn on as you cannot iron patches onto suede, leather or faux leather, but the effect I think is second to none. Now I just need it to stop raining so much so I can wear it out more!

That’s it for today’s post, I really hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you guys all really soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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