Down The Rabbit Hole: An Afternoon At The Sanderson

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Well hello guys, and an extremely belated Happy New Year to you! It’s been a few months since I sat down and wrote or filmed- and I have to say I have really missed it. There’s been no real rhyme or reason for my absence, other than the absence of spare time from my life! But, I’m happy to say, I’m back, I’m motivated- I have a list as long as my arm of video and blog ideas- so let’s just jump right back in. Thank you in advance to everyone who has come back to have a read and see what’s going on- thank you for sticking with me through my unintentional hiatus- here’s some food porn for you.

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

That’s right- today we’re getting a tad foodie, but it’s only because this experience and the subsequent photos was too cute not to share. My best friend and I headed a little while back to the incredible Sanderson hotel here in London for their famous Alice In Wonderland afternoon tea. My bestie and I have become afternoon tea connoisseurs over the course of our friendship, and so whenever she’s in town, we do love to have a more fanciful one to celebrate our reunions. We have previously been to the fashion-themed Pret-A-Portea at The Berkeley (highly recommended), and are headed to the amazing and Instagram-famous Sketch in a few weeks (stay tuned!). The Sanderson however is going to be tough to beat, and here’s why.

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Let’s just start with the theme- who doesn’t love Alice In Wonderland? As my best friend Hannah is the world’s biggest fan- it was a must, and I love a theme, anything remotely gimmicky gets me every time. The cute little stopwatch macaroons were the cutest, as well as the many critters decorating the stand. The sugar cubes came in a music box, and the teas were chosen from loose leaf tea in vials, all named after a character, so adorable. The menu itself, just to remind you what you were getting, was stuck inside an old book, that gave the overall tea an old world charm. Even the china was themed with monochrome Kings and Queens and was a nice modern twist to add to the fare.

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Aside from the afternoon tea itself let’s just talk about The Sanderson. If you like design, at least go in for a drink, this place is cool epitomised. Funky chairs and offbeat decor litter the foyer, and then there’s the conservatory where the afternoon tea takes place. Outdoor heaters  and overhead coverings keep you comfortable amidst water features, a plethora of plants and cute minimal furniture that echoes the style of the interior so well. It’s the perfect garden spot to enjoy the afternoon tea and seeing as though you can choose whether to be inside or outside when you book- I’d definitely recommend opting for the outside!

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Back to the tea itself- and at £48 a head it’s not the cheapest- but it is amazing for a special treat and/or for a particular occasion. I would 100% say it is worth it, for the food, the ambience, and for the whole theatricality of the afternoon tea itself. From selecting your tea from the vials, to the stand being brought over with all the wonderland and garden themed treats, to the mini palate cleansing plant pots at the end, it’s all very ceremonious and self-indulgent- what a good afternoon tea with a friend should be, and more! You definitely won’t be able to eat another bite by the time you leave- trust me!

If you fancy heading over to The Sanderson the information is all here. Definitely book ahead to save disappointment, try everything- even if you don’t think you’ll like it- that’s all part of the fun, and take your girls, family, partner with you and have a damn good time- we certainly did! It makes a lovely way to while away an afternoon in the city, and being a few streets back from the main shopping area on Oxford Street is a huge bonus. Maybe you could book it as a special mid-afternoon rest stop if you’re planning a big shopping day- I know we had a tonne of bags with us when we were there!

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

That’s it for today’s little post on our afternoon tea at The Sanderson, I just thought I’d share that with you as a little London recommendation. I’m going to try to incorporate more London specific recommendations into more of my content as we go on, so that if you’re visiting or even if you live here too, you can build up a little library of things to see and do in the capital. Thank you all for coming back, and I will see you this weekend with a new video. Until next time…

Millie x


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