Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

There are few places in London that I love as much as Greenwich, especially at this time of year. When the leaves are turning auburn and the air is crisp and calling out for cosy coats- there’s nothing like a jaunt around one of London’s gorgeous parks. Last weekend my boyfriend, my visiting parents, and I took a clipper down the river to Greenwich to soak up the autumnal scenes on offer there. I thought this was a perfect opportunity, being as we were pretty much outdoors all day- to show you my new favourite coat in the world. Last month you may remember that I hauled this bright, fun piece in a haul video (here), from Zalando, who were kind enough to let me give some of their autumn/winter pieces a spin. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it!?

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

I have always wanted one of these yellow fisherman coats, as I like to call them. I once borrowed one from a holiday home a friend and I stayed in, and ever since then I’ve wanted one to call my own. They are so practical, but still strangely stylish, and most bizarrely they seem to go with just about everything. Living in rainy London this was a surefire winner for me, and I’ll never lose anyone either! I’m actually heading off for New Year’s in Copenhagen this year, and so am even thinking ahead about how brilliant this will be for that trip. I will easily be able to replicate warm outfits like this for that trip, as well as layer up sweaters underneath.

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

Not only is the coat a lovely thin material that makes storage and/or packing a doddle- there’s more. It’s also great at keeping the heat in, and often living in a city- layering is far better as you can instantly take off a few layers when getting on and off the tube, instead of struggling and inevitably lugging around a hefty coat. With my thick dress and polo neck sweater underneath, this coat was just enough thrown over the top to keep me warm, but not stifle me. I expected this coat to be super expensive- as I’ve observed that these tend to be, especially in outdoor stores. This version though- from Bikbok at Zalando, will only set you back £38 which is an absolute steal. Even some high street brands charge upwards of £100 for one of these, at this time of year.

Outfit Of The Day: An Autumn Jaunt

Basically, I’m in love, and can’t wait for many more outings with this statement coat. I thought it looked super cute with my Dr Martens, chunky Skechers socks, winter floral dress and Peacocks polo neck. You can pick this coat up from Zalando here. Don’t forget that Zalando also offer free delivery and on top of that there’s an 100 day return policy- which is amazing for those of us that change our minds as frequently as we have hot dinners! That’s it for today guys- I hope you enjoyed that little look at one of my latest autumn outfits. Be sure to let me know what your favourite high street coat is this year- I’d love to know. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Aww I love London, I lived there about 7 years, autumn is so beautiful there all the parks especially 🙂

  2. What’s your favourite area in London?

  3. I love Bikbok but had completely forgotten about it until I saw this!! This is such a great jacket (/coat/mac?) and I could not agree more about Greenwich. I love walking from the observatory all the way down through the grounds and it’s the perfect place for a picnic in the Summer!
    Thank you fro reminding me about Bikbok!

    CB x

    • I had never heard of Bikbok before but now I’m in love with all their stuff! And it’s so affordable too! So glad you love Greenwich too- there’s nowhere like it in London- so peaceful and gorgeous all year round 🙂 x

  4. Beautiful photos ❤ I love your style x

  5. Love it! I was going to buy a similar coat last year from Urban Outfitters but it was so expensive that I changed my mind in the end. Boo!

    I love the yellow against the floral print and autumnal background. xxx


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