Outfit Of The Day: An Afternoon At Ascot

An Afternoon At Ascot

In general I’d say I was a pretty casual dresser, I’m a grungy boots and band tee kind of person on the daily, but despite that, every once in a while it’s fun to get a little bit dressed up. When the lovely guys at Branded3 and Ladbrokes invited me to Champions Day at Ascot, I jumped at the chance to attend the famous races- having never been before. Of course, the dress code is far fancier than my usual attire- so I had to pull out all the stops to create an Ascot-worthy outfit for the day. Being as I’m hardly ever this dressy- I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap some outfit photos for you, and give you a behind the scenes look at the day.

An Afternoon At Ascot

My first thought was my dress, and being as my blog is all about being on a budget, I wasn’t about to go out and splash a fortune on a new frock. Instead, I delved into the dark recesses of my wardrobe and pulled out this fabulous number, that I managed to snag in the Urban Outfitters sale a few years back. This dress may be Vivienne Westwood- but at £100 it came at 1/6th of the cost it should have been- and remains one of my most proud bargains. I love you Vivienne, but I do not have £600 for one dress!

An Afternoon At Ascot

I opted for simple pointed heels to keep the look classic, these Primark heels are not the comfiest, but I love the patent finish. At around £11, they didn’t break the bank either. I actually bought these for work, but they transition perfectly into an evening outfit. Then I opted for a much needed coat- it was extremely brisk, so I’m glad I had even the smallest amount of faux fur on the collar of my coat. This cooperative coat was also a massive steal from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Down from £150 to £20 I couldn’t believe it when I found this coat- having lusted after it for ages when it was full price in the window. It just shows that if you keep classic pieces, they really will pay for themselves in the long run. I’d much rather buy pieces I love in the sales, and wait until I need them, opposed to rushing around to find the perfect piece with just days to spare, and ending up with something I’ll only wear once. You never know when you’re going to need that killer outfit, so get it when you see it- especially if it’s a bargain!

An Afternoon At Ascot

On to the actual day, and we were quite frankly spoilt rotten by Ladbrokes, who not only supplied us with cute invitations and of course our entry- but put on a four course spread, afternoon tea, an open bar, and even made us our own personalised Ascot tea cup and saucer to really make the day special. It was lovely as always to hang out with other bloggers, and of course an impromptu photo shoot unfurled. It’s always nice to have other bloggers shoot you, we just get the angles! After flitting between races, filling ourselves up with gourmet cuisine and spending time in front of and behind the lens, we left with our pockets a little lighter from our bets, our stomachs fit to bursting and SD cards full of outfit shots, and hardly any of actual horses!

An Afternoon At Ascot

The day overall felt like a fancy wedding, owing to the fact that we did way more eating and drinking than actual watching of horse racing, but we did place a few (unsuccessful) cheeky bets. The best part by far was hanging out with and getting to know more great bloggers- Hayley from My De Beauvoir Diaries, Jess from Cocoa Chelsea, Primrose from Style Petal and Anna from World of Anna. I want to say a massive thank you to all of the lovely ladies I just mentioned- they all played a part in getting the gorgeous shots we took throughout the day! A massive thank you also to the team at Branded 3 and Ladbrokes for the best day, particularly Victoria and Will who made it super special- I was very grateful to be invited and loved every minute. You can check out all the information on the Afternoon at Ascot page (here) if you fancy going yourself! I’d highly recommend going along!

An Afternoon At Ascot

That’s it for today’s post- I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you thought of my formal outfit for the occasion- what would you wear for Ascot- I’d love to know that too?! Stay tuned for a new video this weekend after a little hiatus on my channel. I’ll be back with a mini haul of affordable Peacocks goodies this weekend, so I’ll see you all then. Until next time…

Millie x

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