The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two
Welcome to today’s second post of our New York recommendations. Today it’s all about retail therapy- and our pick of the best places to shop in the city. With the exception of Urban Outfitters and The Great Frog (which I was interested in comparing), we only visited stores unavailable in the UK. Our favourite area for shopping was the Lower East Side, I loved the whole grungy, almost Camden vibe of the area, and its shops were just as perfect as the streets themselves. We headed for this general location for The Great Frog- which is the most amazing jewellery shop, focusing on skulls, nautical paraphernalia and tattoo designs. It’s well worth popping in, if not just for the inspiration the shop gives you, but if you have some cash to splash- this is the place to do it.

The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two

Unlike the London branch of The Great Frog, New York’s location also has another store at the back, within it, called The Hunt. If you’re as into curios, vintage finds and general miscellaneous lost and found treasures as me- then you absolutely have to stop by this store. The cabinets and shelves are brimming with taxidermy, Native American paraphernalia, religious iconography and more weird and wonderful pieces besides. I scored a killer vintage biker tee here, and had I not had a suitcase weight limit, would have bought the whole shop in one go. Staying on the Lower East Side, opposite The Great Frog, is a tiny hole-in-the-wall called The Cast. It’s a mix of punk inspired pieces, gorgeous real leather goods and a few vintage gems. We went mad in here and basically bought everything from the awesome punk-band frontwoman who runs it. We really did bag some great graphic tees and sweats.


The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two

Moving further up we headed to Grit N Glory which is one of the most fabulously curated stores I’ve ever seen. Part-boutique part-tattoo parlour, they stock tonnes of hard-to-find grunge/goth brands like Killstar and Cat Coven, with everything from clothes, homeware and kits for contacting the occult. If you’re like us and basically walk around looking like the witches of Eastwick half the time- you’ll love it here. Soho is another great area to shop, with a good mix of affordable, high end and thrift stores and cute coffee shops on every corner to rest your weary bag-wielding arms. Aside from a few chain stores we popped into, there weren’t any places that we absolutely loved and would return, but it’s great for window shopping and having an afternoon mooch.

The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two

The New York Guide: Part Two

Another not-to-be-missed store is Patricia Field’s NoHo boutique. I was so excited to wander around in this massive store, that I completely forgot to take photos- but you’ll have seen from my New York haul (here) all the amazing things I bought from there. Halfway though our visit we actually had the pleasure of meeting the woman herself- who for those who don’t know was the costume designer for Sex And The City. Aswell as talking me into buying a fabulous jacket, we found time to fangirl and it was just an absolute dream to even be in the same room as her. That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t already, definitely check out part one (here) to see where else we’d recommend in NYC. If that still isn’t enough for you, my New York haul of everything I bought in the city is right here, and you can watch my short and sweet vlog of our trip (here) too! Until next time…

Millie x

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