The New York Guide: Part One

New York: Part One

Oh New York. Where to even begin with this epic adventure. It’s taken me so long to decide which images to edit together for you, which anecdotes to share, and which places to recommend most highly. In truth, I loved it all, and would no doubt go back in a heartbeat. I thought we’d begin today’s post, number one, of two, with the more miscellaneous things to do, with shopping coming in its own post the week after next. When my friends and I loosely planned the trip- we decided that we wanted to make a conscious effort to avoid the tourist traps. We wanted to see the city like real New Yorkers, and not come home with the same photos and experiences as every other tourist who passes through the city. Of course, there are a couple of things that you absolutely have to do, in order to fully soak up the big apple- no matter how much you’d normally turn your nose up at them.

New York: Part One
New York: Part One
New York: Part One

Top of the Rock was one of the best things we did on the whole trip, and it really gives you perspective on just how small you are, not just in the city, but even in the grand scheme of things. The skyline is truly awesome, hard to take in, and truly a once-in-a-lifetime must-see view. We very smartly opted to do Top of the Rock in order to have a great view of the other more impressive buildings. Rockefeller is not the most interesting building, but the view is amazing. Go up the Empire State and you’ll be missing seeing the view of the building itself. For just shy of $30 it’s well worth going up- just make sure you book your slot early to avoid disappointment. We went up around 4pm and then watched the sky go dark and the city lights come on- the best time to go.

New York: Part One
New York: Part One

Being New York, no matter how cold it may be, it’s so beneficial to walk around. We covered a lot of ground on foot while away, and it definitely helped us get a real feel for the city as well as get our bearings. Central Park is a beautiful place for a stroll, the site of so many movies, I genuinely felt a familiarity with the place! If you’re heading to the Met (which I’d recommend) then definitely take a stroll through the park to get there, it’s such a commanding building when it appears through the trees! Other museums and galleries worth a look are definitely MoMA, which is perfectly placed for a pre or post gallery walk down Fifth Avenue, and the Brooklyn Museum- not too far on the subway from the amazing promenade off Clark Street that looks across the water at the Brooklyn Bridge, financial district, and even a teeny-tiny Statue of Liberty in the background. If like us you’re not too bothered about spending a day doing the bridge, the Wall Street area or Liberty Island and the ferries, then this gives you a view of them all.

New York: Part One
New York: Part One

A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a massive amount of indulgence. We loved Serendipity- the apple pie and caramel ice cream was just to die for, and it has a cute boutiquey feel that’s perfect to relax in after retail therapy. For breakfast, there were two restaurants we visited that I’d definitely go back to. Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway is THE place to get pancakes with a punch. All the staff take it in turns to sing show tunes, which as a former musical theatre class attendee, was extremely hard not to try and join in with! The food itself was great, just your typical American diner breakfast, but the entertainment made the experience. Landmarc was another brunch spot we loved. In the Time Warner centre with big windows overlooking the park, it was the perfect place to gaze out at the snow with an order of Eggs Benedict all round. This place was recommended to me by a local, and it seemed like a true New Yorker’s brunch spot. While it was on the pricier side than Ellen’s- it’s truly worth it.

New York: Part One
New York: Part One

Another few foodie joints we enjoyed for dinner were Lombardi’s in Little Italy which is reputedly New York’s first pizzeria, worth checking out if you’re in the Lower East Side/SoHo area. The other place I personally loved- being a fast food junkie- was Schnipper’s, which is basically like fancier McDonalds, but you can have beer too, what’s not to love? There’s a help yourself element, tonnes of choice, and it’s one of those places that is just 100% instagrammable, from the napkins, the wall art to the crispy chicken itself. That’s it for today’s New York round up! Next week’s post will be an outfit of the day featuring a look I wore in Brooklyn so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you’re still after some NYC goodness, never fear, as this weekend I’ll be uploading my huge New York haul video for you, so keep your eyes peeled in your subscription boxes for that too! Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. I love the photos you’ve used here, I could almost feel like I was there!

  2. Amazing to meet you this week at The Hoxton lovely. The blog is a huge help for my NYC trip. I’m off to watch your vlog now. Xxx

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