Tattoo Inspiration at Somerset House

Time: Tattoo Art Today

It’s no secret that I love tattoos, and am desperate to save up for some that I have planned for myself. I’m fascinated with all of the different styles, and have just started re-watching LA Ink, which I love having on in the background at home while I’m pottering around. When my lovely friend Jade of Nouvelle Noire told me about Somerset House’s latest tattoo exhibition, Time: Tattoo Art Today, I knew we had to go and check it out. You guys still have plenty of time to visit too, as it doesn’t end until October 5th, and best of all, it’s 100% free, so a brilliant way to while away some time in central London if you’re around the area. Inspiration is always more than welcome in my book, especially when it won’t cost you a penny.

Time: Tattoo Art Today
Time: Tattoo Art Today
Time: Tattoo Art Today

While the exhibition isn’t the biggest, it has great variety, with work from some of my very favourite tattoo artists, including Sarah Carter, whose body of work you can check out on her amazing Instagram account here. I also loved the painting of Kim Saigh, who was obviously one of the main tattooists at High Voltage, Hollywood (featured on LA Ink). Of course, tattoo art is famous for incorporating skulls, a theme I enjoy immensely, so I was very happy indeed to see the multiple skulls and how they all differed in style from traditional to experimental. All of these photos are of works which in some way inspire me, they solidify in my mind what exactly I want from my tattoos, and serve as great fashion inspiration too.

Time: Tattoo Art Today
Time: Tattoo Art Today
Time: Tattoo Art Today

I’d highly recommend popping along to Time: Tattoo Art Today at Somerset House if you have time. It’s a nice thing to do on a day out in London, as it’s around the main tourist areas, but not necessarily a tourist attraction! The exhibition as I said, runs until October 5th, so there’s still time to catch it, and you can take pictures for your scrapbook or to keep as inspiration for your next tattoo. That’s it from me, be sure to check in next week for more posts, and I’ll see you soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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