Perfect for Prom

Perfect for Prom

Now it’s been a long time since I had to pick out my dress for prom. It was so long ago now, that the Americanism of ‘prom’ hadn’t quite made it over the Atlantic, and we were still calling it ROA (that was for those leaving school at 16) and then there was the May Ball (leaving school for good, to go to uni). As you can tell from the slightly confusing ‘old’ names, prom is a pretty great new addition to the UK, to summarise all those life events/parties, where you might need to have a good old dress up. Far and wide though, through the hype of prom, it can be easy to overspend on getting that perfect outfit, and so today I thought I’d show you how you can do prom for less. Likewise, if you’re a student about to graduate, and are looking for the perfect pieces to peep out from the graduation robes, then this might be for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Perfect for Prom
Perfect for Prom

New Look very kindly sent me three key prom accessories to style up for you, and more importantly- they’re affordable, which is especially good for students! If you’ve spent half your overdraft on Two for Tuesdays at Dominos (just a reference, not me at all…) then don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get into princess mode on this budget. First we’ll start with the dress, which was gifted to me by the lovely folks at Amazon (see my full blog post about The Dress Edit here), and which is by Sinequanone. I love how simple yet classic this is, and how easy it is to really amp up with accessories. You can find out more about this dress in my recent vlog too (here). At £139 inc. delivery, this is quite the steal!

Perfect for Prom

The accessories that New Look have to offer for prom at the moment, are amazing. Pastels are absolutely perfect for this time of year, and look super cute for events like prom. This powder blue quilted bag screams Chanel, but at £12.99 it won’t break the bank, and means you’ll have more than enough left for a swanky frock! You can pick up this bag now, here and they have four other colours to choose from too! To balance the monochrome of the dress, I went for these gorgeous minimalist New Look heels which go with absolutely everything. I have to say too, that they are amazingly comfortable, so if dancing the night away is your style, these are a must! These will be hitting the online store and New Look stores any day now, so keep your eyes peeled! Finally we have this oh-so-prom spangly belt. This instantly amps up any outfit, be it a simpler dress that needs jazzing up, or an outfit that’s just lacking that something-something. At £6.99 this is a great statement piece that’ll keep you glam and nipped in at prom! You can pick up the belt from New Look here.

Perfect for Prom
Perfect for Prom

That’s it for today, thanks again to Amazon and New Look for helping me put this together for you guys. Let me know what you think, and if you’re leaving school and/or graduating soon, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below and/or tweet me @MillieDelacoe and I’ll see you soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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