A Home Haul!

First of all I want to apologise for being MIA for the past week. As you will know if you follow me on social media, I have just returned from Paris, and while of course it was a fabulous trip, I got a little behind on the old blog and video front! Thankfully I’ve had a couple of days now to straighten everything out and get some great content worked up for you guys, so as well as some exciting Paris themed videos, there’ll also be the usual Monday and Friday blog posts to look forward to, too. Today’s video is a long-awaited home haul, I’ve had some of these pieces for a couple of months now, so I finally got round to filming it!

I filmed everything where it is in my home so it’ll give you a better idea of how I like to decorate, and how you can too! It just goes to show that if you set your mind to it, you can find great pieces for a snip, at boot sales, charity shops and rummaging in IKEA and TK Maxx. I don’t like to spend too much on home decor, because I think you can source brilliant things without a high price tag, and it’s lovely to have unique things that you’ve found when thrifting that lots of other people might not have! With all that said, I’m going to love you and leave you. Let me know what you thought of today’s haul, and I’ll see you all next week. Until next time…

Millie x

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