What I Got In The Sales!

I’ve decided as it’s a new year, to play around with my schedule somewhat here on the blog and on my Youtube channel, so I apologise for being less present than usual. I’ve made the decision to from now on upload all my videos on Sundays, to round off the week and give me ample time to edit after filming earlier in the week. Before I upload a new video this Sunday, I wanted to get this video up, and it’s my promised sales haul. This haul is full of products picked up from the Boxing Day and January sales and there is quite a lot to get through. My next two videos are both parts of a beauty haul which I’m excited about!

For those that are avid readers of my blog, my normal blogging schedule will stay, so I’m continuing to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and as I said, my videos will now go up on Sundays opposed to Saturdays. There are also some exciting changes coming up on the blog this year, so stay tuned for an all-round re-vamp which I absolutely cannot wait to reveal to all of you!

Until next time…

Millie x

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