What’s Your Shopping Style? (+ Giveaway)


Hello and welcome to today’s post! I’ve got a little something different for you today, that could land you a super exciting prize for getting involved. This week I’ve teamed up with Barclaycard on their Shopping Style campaign, where they help you determine just what kind of shopper you are, and exactly what your shopping style is. Their ‘shopping styles’ fall into four categories and I’ve just been busy taking their quiz to help figure out what kind of shopper I am. You can get involved and do the quiz too, with the chance of winning a Ā£60 Amazon gift voucher, right here, in time for Christmas shopping season, so stay tuned!


My Shopping Style

I’ve just taken Barclaycard’s online quiz, and it turns out I’m a High Street Pounder! Given the name of my blog, I’m going to say that this is pretty much bang-on, as I do love a good mooch on the high street, to compare prices and get a good deal. I’m definitely a savvy shopper, but that’s not to say that I don’t make the odd impulse purchase. By comparing prices online and keeping up to date with all the stores I love, I know who’s doing that piece I’m looking for cheapest and can make the best purchase possible. Of course, for me, it’s important to make sure that the price is right to fit with my budget, and that the piece has wardrobe longevity, so I like to browse online and on the high street to find exactly what I want, which also helps me scout out super bargains for the blog. Although I love the variety you get by shopping online, I don’t think there is anything better than being able to try on the items you’re buying and see them in person before you make a purchase, it just helps you make more informed decisions! I think the Barclaycard quiz was pretty spot on in defining my shopping style, and I can’t wait to find out what YOUR shopping style is.


Your Chance To Win

Barclaycard believe there are four shopping tribes, the bargain hunter-gatherer, the screen saver, the profit prophet and the high street pounder, like me. They want to help you determine which shopper you are, and you could win a Ā£60 Amazon voucher, which is great timing for all that Christmas shopping. All you have to do, is take Barclaycard’s quiz, via the link below and comment back here on the blog telling me your result! On the 30th of November I’ll be tweeting the name of the winner and announcing it on this blog post, so make sure you’re a follower on here and a Twitter follower to see if it’s you who’s won the voucher! It really is that simple, and a bit of fun too!


That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and will get involved! Don’t forget to check back here on the blog on the 30th, and on Twitter for the winner announcement, and I’ll see you guys very soon! Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. High Street Pounder too šŸ™‚ xx

  2. I’m a the bargain hunter-gatherer – can’t resist the cashback!!

  3. Iā€™m a high street pounder! @anna8301

  4. Iā€™m also a High Street Pounder

  5. I’m a bargain hunter gatherer! Sounds about right for me šŸ™‚ @avabelle28

  6. I’m a High Street Pounder

  7. Iā€™m a bargain hunter gatherer! yes that’s me! hahaa

  8. Im a high street pounder which is very true

  9. Im a profit prophet apparantly lol (@xxladyluck13xx)

  10. a bargain hunter gatherer! so true, never pay full price for anything, had some amazing deals on amazon this year!!!

  11. I am a I am Bargain Hunter Gatherer – Thank you for the lovely competition!

  12. Iā€™m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  13. High street pounder šŸ™‚

  14. I’m another bargain hunter gatherer šŸ™‚

  15. Iā€™m a the bargain hunter-gatherer

  16. I’m a high street pounder,the quiz was so much fun.

  17. high street pounder =)

  18. High Street Pounder – I do love the high street but I do like to shop online too!

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