Midweek Moodboard #59 (Clear As Crystal)

Hello and welcome to today’s moodboard! This week I thought I’d share one of my fashionable infatuations with you, crystals. Raw crystals are cropping up in jewellery everywhere at the moment and it’s a trend that’s only getting bigger thanks to sites like Pinterest which are fuelling my obsession. While the places to buy cool crystals like these are growing by the second, I just keep getting more and more inspired by the druzy trend and am always impressed by the quality and amount of stores where you can actually pick these up now. On Friday I’ll be bringing you a comprehensive guide to crystal buying (no not the Breaking Bad kind!) From Ebay to Etsy and all the online sellers inbetween, get ready for a bumper crystal jewellery post! For now, it’s inspiration…










That’s it for today’s post, be sure to let me know what you think of today’s pick by leaving me a comment below and/or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. You can always pick up more inspiration via my Pinterest (link in the sidebar) or follow me on Instagram @camilladelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images link back to source.

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