She Hearts Sunday #41

Hello and welcome to this week’s She Hearts Sunday. The hearts are back after last week’s video taking the Sunday spot, but this week I have three more great hearts for you that are bound to inspire your summer looks. Today we’re going trend-heavy, with up-to-the-minute nail looks, and trend-driven lookbooks. It’s all here, so grab your laptop, a cool drink and let’s get to it!

She Hearts…The Fashion Citizen’s Shop Wasteland Lookbook

I adore Shop Wasteland, and if it wasn’t so expensive to ship to the UK, I think I’d spend a fortune on there. Lately some of my favourite vloggers and bloggers have teamed up with them to create some awesome lookbooks, and The Fashion Citizen’s is my very favourite. I love that Steph and Melissa have signature styles, but still work the latest trends so seamlessly into their wardrobes. Check out how they’ve styled some of this summer’s key trends.

She Hearts…Cosmic Nails

Now there’s no need for me to harp on about my love of sci-fi any more. But, for someone as in love with all things space as I, I can’t resist a good galaxy print. Even on my nails. Now this tutorial which recently popped up in my ‘suggested’ bar is all in Polish, but it’s pretty clear what exactly you have to do to achieve this look, so never fear. If you need something new on your nails, but don’t want to faff too much, this is perfect and it’ll look like you made way more effort.

She Hearts…Tar Mar’s Mom Jeans Lookbook

Having found out about her just over a month ago now, I have come to absolutely love Tara of Tar Mar’s videos on Youtube. She makes some of the best lookbooks I’ve seen on Youtube, and her latest one, concentrating on the Mom jeans trend, has ALMOST convinced me to buy a pair. Almost. I would never think to buy any of my own accord, but these looks are so gorgeous, I just don’t know how I’m going to get by without them now. Get ready to spend some money.

That’s it for today’s She Hearts Sunday, let me know what you think of today’s picks by leaving me a comment below. I hope you’re all enjoying the hot weather and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post! Until next time…

Millie x

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