This Week’s Video: My Favourite Skull Pieces Part 2!

So here on the blog, you guys have to hear me warbling on about my love for skulls all the time. I apologise that I seem to go on and on about it, but adorning myself with skull-themed clothes and accessories is one of my weaknesses. That’s why I’ve dedicated not one, but two videos to my love of skull style. This week’s upload is the second part of last week’s favourite skull pieces video, and follows on from skull clothes, to skull accessories and jewellery. If you want to know what my very favourite skull pieces are from my wardrobe (and jewellery box!) then you should definitely give it a watch.

While some of these things may not be available anymore, I thought this would be a helpful video to show just some simple skull bits you can incorporate into your wardrobe, especially if the idea of skull clothes scare you. As always, I will link everywhere you can pick up these pieces in the downbar, and link any related or helpful blog posts there too! As this blog post and video goes up, I am getting ready for a skull art workshop tonight with talented artist Lauren Baker, so if you love skulls too, I’ll have a post up about that, and my take-home skull will probably end up in my July Collective Haul!

That’s it for today’s video, I hope you enjoyed it! As usual, leave me any suggestions for videos you want to see, down below or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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