She Hearts Sunday #34

Hello and welcome to today’s bumper She Hearts post! Today I have five great hearts for you that include film, fashion, beauty and maybe even one of our favourite TV characters too! If you’re having an easy, lazy Sunday and want some inspiration at the click of a button, prepare to be entertained.

She Hearts…The Great Gatsby

I can’t quite believe Gatsby is almost here, I haven’t been able to stop daydreaming about how amazing Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation is going to be. After all, Baz is the man that made two of my favourite films ever- Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. I have no doubt that Gatsby is set to sit amongst them. I won’t go into the plot, as I’m sure by now we’ve all been given enough info about it, but also the latest trailer is riddled with snapshots of important turning points in the film. Check out the trailer and book your tickets now for what will be the biggest cinematic event this year.

She Hearts…Daenerys Targaryen Make Up

Game of Thrones lovers listen up, because Youtuber Emma Pickles has come up with the best video ever. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the gorgeous look of Daenerys Targaryen from the epic programme, then here’s your chance to find out. With tutorials on ‘clean’ Daenerys and ‘dishevelled’ Daenerys, this will cover both your everyday and fancy dress needs in one. For fans of the show and Khaleesi herself, this is a must-see.

She Hearts…Androgyny

One of my favourite Youtube channels is undoubtedly The Platform, which is brimming with fashion ideas and on-trend lookbooks. This week as part of The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham, it was all about androgyny and putting together menswear inspired looks without looking overly blokey. Amy definitely pulled it off, and there are some brilliant androgynous outfit ideas here for everyone who wants to swerve away from the uber-feminine trend.

She Hearts…Chanel’s ‘Once Upon A Time’

If you’ve got time to kill this afternoon, make yourself a cpupa, get comfortable and snuggle up in front of ‘Once Upon A Time’, directed by Karl Lagerfeld. This cinematic short tells the story of Gabrielle Chanel (played by Keira Knightley) and is great Sunday fayre for those who just want to put their feet up and relax. If you love all things fashion, a bit of fashion history or just the Chanel brand itself, give this a watch.

She Hearts…SuperBeautyNerd

How Jess’s channel has managed to elude me for all this time, I will never know. After being recommended her videos through Youtube, I recently discovered SuperBeautyNerd and have quickly fallen in love with her channel. Jess’ tutorials are brilliant, she doesn’t beat around the bush about things she doesn’t like, yet she’s super eloquent and her latest everyday grunge make up tutorial is top notch. She has a gorgeous pale complexion, which means her tutorials are very apt for someone as fair as myself and her recommendations are brilliant.

That’s it for today’s She Hearts Sunday, be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving this week by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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