She Hearts Sunday #32

Hello and welcome to today’s She Hearts Sunday. This post is going to be a bumper one, after what has been a week of constant finds (and of course loves)! So with today’s installment, you can look forward to six, yes six amazing hearts that I’ve handpicked from the last week. Get yourself a suitably summery drink, and relax with some end-of-the-week inspiration.

She Hearts…Cara Delevingne Going Punk

In this awesome short, Cara gives us an exercise in punk dressing and goes through more outfits than you can shake an angry, safety pin ridden stick at. The complete antithesis to summer’s girly florals and pastels, this is much more my bag at the moment, and I’m loving this video for outfit inspiration- even if we need not go quite as crazy as Cara. But there’s no reason not to is there. If you’re sick to the back teeth of all things flouncy then give this a go instead.

She Hearts…Idol Magazine’s Spaceman Editorial

My love for sci-fi has been working its way into my wardrobe more obviously this month, and when I saw this Idol editorial, I literally wanted everything. I don’t care if it’s quite literal, that’s kind of the way I’m going right now. You can’t really do subtle space age, well at least I can’t (and don’t want to!) If you’re feeling all superfuture too, maybe this awesome editorial will inspire you to go crazy with the metallics. You’ll be in good company I promise. You can check out the whole editorial here on the Idol site, or check out my favourites here, here, here, here, and here!

She Hearts…M83’s Oblivion Soundtrack

Let’s just start by saying that I LOVED Oblivion, I thought it was a great movie and would highly recommend it. Some critics have slated it and although I’m not usually a Tom Cruise fan, I still thought the film was ace. It’s directed by Joseph Kosinski who was responsible for one of my fave movies Tron Legacy (which coincidentally also got slated) and you can totally tell by the awesome landscapes and incredible soundtrack that it’s one of his films. Onto that soundtrack. All you need to know is that M83 created it, which means of course it’s going to be insanely good. One track in particular that I’ve been loving is the title track featuring the gorgeous Susanne Sundfor…it’s just a perfect combination. Give it a listen and tell me you don’t love it.

She Hearts…Rihanna’s Givency Tour Wardrobe

The more incredible Givenchy outfits I see Rihanna in, the more I fall in love with her, and of course Givenchy. My ultimate favourite is this sci-fi-esque, superhero style outfit which I would gladly wear for the rest of my life, (here) and then there’s this multi-textured ridiculously bad-ass ensemble which also photographs and moves like a dream. Utter swoon, Rihanna, keep up the outfits. More here, here and here.

She Hearts…Lana for the Great Gatsby

Don’t you love it when two of your obsessions come together? As much as I’m anticipating The Great Gatsby’s release, that’ll actually be the same weekend that I see Lana in concert…so I’m about to burst with excitement. The fact that Lana has now come out with a track for the highly awaited movie, is just priceless, and of course her husky vocals lend themselves well to this gorgeous, melancholy track that’s going to fit the film perfectly. Baz Luhrmann, Gatsby, Carey Mulligan, the ’20s, Leo Di Caprio AND Lana Del Rey, it’s just all too freaking good.

She Hearts…Daft Punk for Saint Laurent Paris

The nay-sayers who were all up in arms about Hedi’s Saint Laurent ideas can now do one, after this incredible collaboration. Since primary school I have been infatuated with Daft Punk and to now see them rocking some serious fashion and merging my two great loves (music and fashion) is just almost too much. The fact that the photos are so darn awesome and monochrome just make me love them more. Seriously, can they do no wrong? I’ll answer that, no they can’t. There’s even more, here, here and here.


That’s it for this week’s She Hearts Sunday. Let me know what you’ve been loving this week by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images and video content links back to source.

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