It’s High Street Fashion Week!

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to High Street Fashion Week. All this week Boxpark Shoreditch will play host to the first High Street Fashion Week, showcasing up and coming clothing and accessory brands. It’s a great opportunity to shop something a little different, and if you’ve never headed over to Boxpark before, it’s a good time to get pop-up shopping and enjoy a change of scene. This weekend High Street Fashion Week are putting together exclusive catwalk shows, where some exciting new brands will be sending their awesome stuff down the runway, some of it even modelled by bloggers!


Tonight I’ll be previewing the collections that are set to go down the high street runway this weekend, and I’ll be sure to let you know of all the great brands I come across along the way. Stay tuned for an extra special post on the new, unique, and most importantly, affordable pieces that are about to hit the high street. I’ve already earmarked a few sellers who I know I’m going to love…after spotting Roxie Sweetheart at Comic-con here in London a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with these quirky kawaii designs. You can dress them down with just one piece to really add punch or maximise your style credentials and pile on a few pieces. If you love all things Harajuku inspired then Roxie Sweetheart is definitely for you, just click here.


The grungy side of me wants to buy everything from Lilies of the Alley, who are almost as skull crazy as I am. These great customised tees and jackets are perfect for adding a bit of attitude to your wardrobe and evoke all kinds of cool Coachella vibes. These will add instant awesome to any wardrobe and when thrown on over jeans will make casual even easier this summer. Check out Lilies of the Alley here for a look at the collection.


Aside from these two, I’ll be checking out a plethora of great brands and pieces and will be snapping away tonight to bring you some more affordable finds. You can keep up-to-date with all the goings on at High Street Fashion Week in the meantime by following me @MillieDelacoe on Twitter or on Instagram @camilladelacoe, and/or following @HighStreetFW. For even more information on High Street Fashion Week and all the events going on at Boxpark, click here and/or here. Until next time…

Millie x

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