Bargain of the Week: The £10 Transitional Coat

A coat, for £10 I hear you ask? Well, yes, there’s no gimmick, no trickery, and no cheap Primark pieces anywhere to be seen. Today, it’s all about a great sales find that I think is the perfect piece to help your wardrobe transition right now. As you well know if you live in the UK, the weather has not so far been very forgiving, and spring has definitely not been around the corner. But, with the MET office telling us that we might soon see sunshine, we need to think about transitioning from our winter into our spring wardrobe. Transitioning in the UK can be difficult, as there’s no way of knowing what our unpredictable weather will do next, but hopefully, with this well-priced piece in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared for whatever the UK clouds might unleash on us.




This coat by Fount at was formerly £50, until the recent sale saw it plummet to a mere £10. The oversized, masculine style is bang on-trend for both spring/summer and autumn/winter too, so it’s a great investment for the seasons to come. Faux leather is absolutely everywhere right now, but if you’re not brave enough to rock a bolder look, the pleather sleeves on this coat are the perfect compromise. This coat has it all, with big buttons for when you want to wrap up, but just as gorgeous a look when you want to leave it open on a warmer day to showcase your outfit. Made in a jersey fabric it’s going to be warm when you need it to be, but not stiflingly thick for when we do finally get some sunshine. At £10, you can’t argue with the value for money, and mine is already in the post! It’s going to make transitioning a breeze!

That’s it for today’s bargain of the week post. Let me know what you think of today’s pick by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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