Monday Must-Have: The Dr Martens Tattooed Louie


Today’s Monday must-have is definitely a love or hate kind of thing. I wandered into the Dr Martens store on Carnaby Street, completely for a browse, and was subsequently spellbound by these incredible boots. The Louie has just been released as a special limited edition boot, designed in-house by the Dr Martens team, and I have head-over-heels fallen in love with my pair. Tattoo insignia has really seen a growth of fans over the past few years, with skulls, swallows and nautical themes springing up everywhere. These were a complete no-brainer for me, and I immediately snapped them up.


The boots are the regular eight eyelet style that Dr Martens are famous for, with the trademark bouncing soles too. The soft leather is utterly gorgeous and feels super luxurious, while the print obviously adds some punch and definitely makes a statement no matter what you wear the boots with. The off-white base colour really lets the pattern shine, and these are just beautiful whether you’re going for a more polished look or are into more grungy looks. At £120 these bad boys don’t come cheap, but these are a brilliant investment purchase. I wear my patent Dr Martens Clemency boots day in, day out and they are genuinely the most comfortable footwear I own. The lifespan on a pair of DMs is unrivalled so you’ll 100% get your money’s worth from these, just don’t forget to dowse them in protective spray!






That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it! We had so much fun taking these pictures and are hoping to get a lot more pieces like this up in the near future! Let me know what you thought of today’s post, and if you’d like to see more in-depth looks at products like this, by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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