She Hearts Sunday #28

Hello and welcome to today’s She Hearts Sunday, and of course, if you celebrate it- Happy Easter! Needing a break between your Easter meal and your mountain of chocolate eggs today? This is the place to be, with four great videos to keep you occupied featuring everything from fashion and styling to a TV must-see. So if that sounds like your kind of thing, settle in and we’ll get started!

She Hearts…The Milk Club

I’ve long been a follower of Sofie’s over on her great blog The Milk Club, but just recently Sofie has started up a Youtube channel to compliment her blog, and I’m loving it. Sofie’s quirky finds and great pairings serve as awesome inspiration for outfits, and this is definitely a channel you’re going to need in your life. So far Sofie has just two videos, a haul from her trip to London, LA and Sweden, and a pretty damn cool ‘dripping’ nail tutorial, which I’ve featured today. So if you need a new channel to get you inspired, head over to Sofie B.

She Hearts…Shulikesclothes

Another new Youtube find for you now, well, for me anyway. This week I was recommended Shu of Shulikesclothes and I’ve quickly fallen in love with her great channel. The British blogger whose fashion picks and hauls serve as great high street fashion inspiration also puts together amazing lookbooks and styling videos to help you pair your pieces with ease. I’ve been going back through the archives and checking out some of Shu’s older videos and they are all brilliant, so if you need a new interesting vlogger to follow, that focuses mainly on fashion, look no further.

She Hearts…Car Booting

If there’s a bargain-finding day I love, it’s a day spent at a car boot sale. Back in my uni town my friends and I frequented a Friday afternoon boot sale every week in the summer, and still have some amazing second-hand finds to show for it. Since I moved to London I haven’t indulged my boot sale love as much, but when I saw Essiebutton’s awesome car boot haul this week, it reawakened the boot sale lover in me. Estee and her lovely boyfriend Aslan are starting up a series of boot sale rating videos, to give those with an eye for a bargain a good idea of where’s best to boot sale and where’s best to skip. If you’re interested in one-off finds and quirky pieces that cost next to nothing, then definitely check out this video and their upcoming series.

She Hearts…Game of Thrones

If you haven’t been watching Game of Thrones over the past few years, I beg the question, why!? The fantasy show, which is fast approaching cult status, is back for a third season as of tonight, and I cannot wait. The political, mystical, sexual themes have had everyone talking since series one and there’s no better TV show to escape into than this captivating saga which has been likened to epics like Lord of The Rings. My favourite character without a doubt is the feisty Daenerys Targaryen who as well as being a badass, dragon-owner and great leader is also a complete babe, played by Emilia Clarke. There’s plenty of man-candy on offer too, if the plot twists are too much for you, the beautiful Kit Harington definitely is a worthwhile reason to watch as is. Check out the recent trailer for season three and ask yourself why you’re not making time for this in your life.

That’s it for today’s She Hearts Sunday. Let me know what you’ve been loving this week by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. I’d love to know! Until next time…

Millie x

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