She Hearts Sunday #16

Hello and welcome to today’s She Hearts Sunday. As with every week, today I’ll take you through some exciting things that I’ve come across this week and that you should look out for next week, although I think you’re all well aware that it’s Christmas in two days! Be it tips for the sales, Christmas inspiration, outfit ideas for these upcoming winter days or stylish TV tidbits you can’t miss, you’ll find it all here, so don’t go anywhere.

She Hearts…Christmas

This post just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the single most exciting event that’s happening next week: Christmas! As well as the usual huge dinner, lovely gifts and time-out we all enjoy this time of year, I am loving that as you read this I will be home with my family away from the buzz of the city and that’s what’s most important. Family time is my absolute favourite part of Christmas, sitting round a Monopoly board with a dish of pistachios, fighting over the remote while devouring the leftovers, all huddling on the sofa with cups of tea away from the cold, I absolutely love it! Tomorrow I have an extra special inspiration post going live with my favourite Christmas Pinterest pictures, so if you want to be even more excited about the big day, don’t miss it!


She Hearts…The Girl

One thing I’m super-excited for on Boxing Day, despite the sales, is The Girl. The Girl is a BBC Drama which will be hitting our screens at 9pm on BBC 2 on Boxing Day Eve, and it tells the story of the now infamous obsession that Hitchcock had with The Birds star Tippi Hedren. Tippi herself did several interviews earlier this year about the scandal and this dramatisation of the true story is set to be brilliant. Reviews so far have been very positive, and I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous Sienna Miller take on the role of Tippi and going all vintage for the evening. If you really can’t wait for the Hitchcock movie (all about the making of Psycho, with Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Hopkins) to come out next year, this will definitely fill the space before it hits cinemas.

Christmas Holiday Outfit Inspiration

As usual I’ve been getting my fill of outfit inspiration from the gorgeous Jenn of Clothes Encounters. Her latest video focuses on outfits for colder climates, so they’re perfect for inspiring you during the Christmas period. With Christmas comes all the rushing around, last-minute invitations, impromptu parties, days out on a whim as well as the arrival of unexpected guests so it’s always handy to have outfit ideas up your sleeve just in case! Stay cosy and chic with some of Jenn’s great pairings.

She Hearts…Festive Fifties Make Up

Youtube beauty expert Fleur of Fleur De Force is always your go-to girl for simple, yet gorgeous make up looks, and I love her most recent upload. Fleur posted this amazing tutorial for a festive fifties make up look and I’m definitely trying this out over the Christmas period. If you’re stuck and need an injection of glamour in your make up look this Christmas then let Fleur make life easy for you. There are few things I love more than a red lip and winged eyeliner so this was always going to be up my street, but check it out for yourself and get experimenting.

She Hearts…The Boxing Day Sales

While the post-Christmas blues may get you down, there’s always a way to pep yourself up again, and I love the Boxing Day sales rush. If the very thought of the sales fills you with dread, I recently posted my tips for a simple, fuss-free shopping experience that’ll help you save money and get yourself the best bargains. You can read my ultimate guide to the sales by clicking here.


That’s it for this week’s She Hearts Sunday! Have an amazing Christmas and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s especially festive inspiration post here on the blog. Until next time…

Millie x

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