The Boxing Day/January Sales: My Tips

Now I know what you’re thinking; steady on Millie, it’s not even Christmas yet, and you’re already thinking about the sales? Well, yes. As a matter of fact I’m getting this sales survival guide up now, as it could help save you money on some last minute Christmas presents too. That’s right, if you want to grab some great post-Christmas bargains, it’s worth having a little game-plan, or at least a little think about that day after Christmas where (if you’re anything like me), you’ll be hitting the shops to scout bargains.


I don’t like to think that I take the sales as seriously as some, (though here I am writing a post all about them), but I just thought I’d share some handy hints that I’ve learned over the past few years of indulging in post-Christmas shopping carnage. The reason I’m posting this now? Well, the chances are the items you’re oh-so desperate for will be discounted after Christmas, and so if you’re not that fussed about having them under the tree, you could save yourself a few pretty pennies by delaying your present buying by a few days. This outlook isn’t for everyone, but I will never forget the Christmas that I asked for a gorgeous (and expensive) River Island jumper which was bought and paid for mere days before Christmas, and then discounted the day after Christmas to less than half price. Soul destroying. Of course if you really do love something in stores, consider that in the sales that they may not have your size etc, but if you have a fair hunch it’s going to be included, it could be worth the wait.


Get Earmarking

To grab things you really want without wading through the trash, make sure you have an idea of items you’re looking out for in the sales. A few days before, or even before you leave the house on the day, you can hit the store of your choice’s website to earmark items of interest that you want to check out instore. Sometimes entering a world of discounts becomes overwhelming and you forget the things you really wanted to pick up, so maybe make a list if there are things you want that badly.

Establish a Plan

Before you leave it’s helpful to have an idea of the exact shops you want to go to so you can head straight there first. Make a note of the sale opening times on your phone as they often differ to the regular opening hours, and you don’t want to miss out!


Set a Limit

It’s tempting to go a little gaga during the shopping frenzy, but having a spending limit definitely helps. Whatever budget you’re on, just remember that at the end of the day you’re still spending money, so if you don’t love it, just leave it, even if it is only £2.50. If it’s not you, leave it for someone else.

Take a Wingwoman

Now I’m not suggesting going all FRIENDS and taking a whistle aswell, but it doesn’t hurt to have another pair of eyes hunting out things for you. Show your mates, Mum, boyfriend, or whoever you’re taking with you some snaps of the pieces you really want to pick up so they have an idea of things to watch out for. This works both ways so don’t forget to grab things they’re looking for too.


Get Out of Town

Some of my most fruitful sales shopping trips have been in out of town stores. Why? Less footfall. Are there going to be less people on a random retail park in your hometown than at the flagship store on Oxford Street? Hell yes. Every year I hit up a retail park in my hometown in Wales and there are always tonnes of bargains to be had, even when you’re not in the first wave through the door. The great thing about retail parks is that they also have huge stores with many concessions inside them too. Take Outfit for example, you may really want to just hit that Topshop sale, but you instantly have access to Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins and tonnes of other concessions at the same time. All in one convenient place.

Go National

If you know others that are braving the sales too, maybe send your ‘look out for’ list their way and have them do the same. That way you can look out for sizes that may be out of stock in the store you’re shopping in. Something’s sold out you really wanted in Swansea? Wait, what about that friend of yours in Swindon? Again, this works both ways.


Stay on the Sofa

This tip’s contradictory, but if you’re so full of turkey that the thought of leaving the house is just too much effort, fear not. Online sales shopping can be just as lucrative and far less crowded and messy. And of course sites like ASOS and Boohoo will be all yours, score!

That’s it for today’s sale survival guide, I hope it helps you find some festive bargains! Let me know if you exercise any of these strategies when you’re out and about, and let me know what you grab in the sales by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe on Twitter. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images link back to source.

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