Marilyn Remembered

It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe holds the title as my ultimate style icon, her status as a worldwide sex symbol is cemented in history and she continues to inspire women of all ages through the legacy she left behind. Today marks fifty years since Marilyn’s tragic death in 1962 and rather than dwell on the sad circumstances of her passing, I want to celebrate the blonde bombshell’s best moments, through some of my favourite photographs of her. Marilyn, you were fabulous and you’ll always be remembered.

Love Marilyn too? I recently posted a review and extensive look into the Marilyn exhibition at The Getty Images Gallery (click here for that) and put together a comprehensive guide to dressing like the icon on the high street, so click here for that.

Will you be remembering Marilyn today? Leave me a comment below letting me know your favourite Marilyn movie or just your favourite Marilyn moment, or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images link back to source.

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