Bargain of the Week: Poundland Glitter Polish + NOTD

I’ve spoken many times about my love of Poundland when it comes to finding bargain beauty products. Back in February I posted about my favourite Poundland find to date, an amazing Sally Hansen HD polish in Spectrum. The Poundlands I visit always have loads of Rimmel, Maybelline, Sally Hansen and NYC products, many of which we don’t have in our high street beauty stores and which usually can only be found across the pond. On visiting the other day I came across a nail polish from Poundland’s own make up brand Chit Chat. Now I wouldn’t condone using their face products or anything as I haven’t tried them, but I thought I could risk a nail varnish as it looked so amazing and I’m glad to say it is.

It’s a thick gold glitter topcoat that is really densely packed with glitter. I’ve seen a few polishes like this out at the moment, all around the £9+ price point. This is a great way to dabble in a glitter polish though, for a lowly £1. A while ago one of my favourite Youtubers Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter posted this video about graduated nails, which I’ve tried a few times since and which I thought this polish would work for perfectly. I painted my nails with Bourjois Paris’ Tangerine Fatal which is a gorgeous coraly orange and then covered the tips with lashings of this Poundland glitter and created the graduated effect. I love how it turned out.

This polish is really quick drying and as I mentioned, really densely packed with glitter for such a ‘cheap’ polish. Even more expensive brands I have found require quite a few coats to really pack the glitter on, but this is good in one to two. You obviously can’t beat the price and if you don’t wear glitter polish that often it’s a cheap way to try this mani. I’d highly recommend having a scout for this polish in your local Poundland, there are always loads of beauty bits up for grabs in there and there’s always the chance of coming across a gem like this!

That’s it for today’s bargain of the week and nail of the day! I hope it might help you get a mighty cool mani on a mini budget. Let me know what beauty bargains you’ve found in Poundland recently, and have you tried this polish? I’d love to know so tweet me @MillieDelacoe or leave me a comment below. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All photos were taken and are owned by me. I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned and all opinions are my own. I paid for the polish with my own money.

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