It’s June: the dates you need in your diary!

Hello and welcome to my June Dates post. This month there are literally so many great things happening I just had to share them with you, and of course get you involved. From exciting film releases, to fashion events to albums hitting the shelves, consider this your guide to June, you don’t want to miss out! As usual in chronological order I’ll be running you through what I consider to be the most note-worthy goings on this month so get out your diary and get noting these down!

1st June (today)
Snow White and the Huntsman hits cinemas

It’s one of the cinema events of the year I’ve most been looking forward to, and I feel as though the trailer came out so early we’ve been waiting forever for June to come around! I’m really looking forward to this moody re-telling of the classic Snow White story and can’t wait to see Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart’s performances. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (literally, this film seems to be EVERYWHERE) then you’ll know that this is the second version of Snow White that’s hit big screens this year and it’s set to be a box office smash. What more can convince you to go see it?

To see my style off post between on screen Snow Whites Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart, click here for part 1, here for part 2, and here for the final post.

1st June (today)
Prometheus hits cinemas

My oh my have I been waiting for this film to come out. You may not be able to tell from my blog, but those who know me know that I’m a bit of a sci-fi lover and frankly, a bit of a geek. When I first heard that Ridley Scott was bringing out a suspected prequel to Alien, I was internet bound for the next hour trying to find out more juicy gossip about it, and now, here it is on the big screen. Aside from the final Christopher Nolan Batman movie next month, this is a film I’ve got myself ridiculously excited about and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. Prometheus, the critics are saying, isn’t a direct prequel but it serves to answer questions brought up in Alien, that’s the general gist so far anyway. I’ve held myself back from reading too much about it as I really want to be surprised and well, in true blockbuster fashion the trailer doesn’t leave much to the imagination as it is, I think any Alien fans can see how it’s going to go from just the minute long trailer. With a host of stars including man of the moment Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace (who I LOVE as Lisbeth Salander in the Millenium Trilogy) this is set to be a big summer movie for geeks like me everywhere!

1st June (today)
Meadham Kirchoff at Topshop’s Jubilee Extravaganza

It’s a high street fashion event like no other, in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Meadham Kirchoff are taking over Topshop Oxford Circus today in a fashion extravaganza. The exact details of the party which starts from 5pm instore and is open to everyone is being kept under wraps, but what we do know is that the store will be awash with glitter popcorn, multicoloured candyfloss, Meadham Kirchoff designed crowns for those spending over ¬£60, ‘designer’ sweets and face art. Phew, and there are whisperings of a performance too. If like me, you’re gutted that you can’t make it to the actual store this afternoon, fear not! Fashion lovers everywhere can watch the entire event unfold on a live stream on Topshop’s website, click here to visit the page.

1st June (today) – 5th June
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend

It’s time to get excited for the longest weekend ever, the capital especially is bursting with things to do over the extensive weekend. Aside from the jubilee celebrations themselves there’s the chance to throw your own street party, dress up in silly wigs, dance around in union jack flags and all the other fabulous nonsense that goes along with celebrating, pretty much anything here in Britain. Bunting, cupcakes and klaxons at the ready…

1st June (today) – 1st July
The Secret Cinema returns

Movie lovers listen up, all this month The Secret Cinema will be hosting exciting film evenings in secret locations around London. The premise is simple, you buy a ticket for a day or night film showing in June of your choice, you’re then sent information before the event on where to meet, what to where, what to bring, to enjoy a cinematic (and from what the reviews have said), theatrical evening of, well, secrets. Ultimately you’ll be watching an undisclosed film in an undisclosed location but it’s so much more than that. You can find out more about The Secret Cinema by clicking here to visit their website and pick up tickets.

Here’s a video of The Secret Cinema’s last secret evening in London.

5th June
CFDA Fashion Awards Broadcast

As you know, I love a good fashion event, especially when I can watch it from across the pond in the comfort of my own home! This year the CFDA are broadcasting the event on, which means we can join in the celebrations and of course, the arrivals. As if we haven’t been spoilt enough this year by red carpet events, The Golden Globes, Oscars, Met Ball, Cannes…now there are more frocks on the way for us to swoon over. I’ll be there (well, on my laptop at least)! Find out more information about CFDA’s broadcast by clicking here.

12th June
Metric’s new album Synthetica

Roll on the 12th of the month, I want to be listening to Metric’s new album now! The fifth album from the Canadian band is released just two and a bit weeks before I’m seeing them here in London, and I cannot wait. I’ve always loved Metric and their 2009 album Fantasies is one of my all time favourite albums. My boyfriend and I managed to get tickets for one of their upcoming UK gigs and excited doesn’t cut it! Synthetica has been three years in the making technically as Metric’s last album came out in 2009, and in my opinion it’s been far too long. In anticipation of the album I’ll be posting an extra special style inspiration post all about frontwoman Emily Haines’ amazing look, she is an absolute icon of mine, voice-wise and style-wise.

Enjoy the first single from the upcoming album, Youth Without Youth, it’s amazing!

17th June
Father’s Day

One of the most important days of the month, but don’t worry I’ll be helping you out here on the blog with gift ideas on a budget. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for a comprehensive gift guide to help you feel less, well, apprehensive!

That’s it for this month’s dates post, I hope this helps you make your June even better! Let me know what events you’re going to get involved in this month, and is there anything I’ve missed out that you think I’d love? Let me know by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer (because you have to don’t you!): All images link back to source, I am not affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned, all opinions are my own and no links featured are affiliate links.

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