Videos of the Week 15/05/12

It may be a little late this week, my apologies, but despite that it’s still time for Videos of the Week, or last week you might say. Today I have three great fashion, beauty and music videos that have been grabbing my attention lately, and which I think you’ll love too! So settle in for my top video picks of last week and don’t forget that the best of this week’s videos will be up on Sunday without fail for you to check out.

First up this week it’s a music video and it’s for Lana Del Rey’s gorgeous track ‘Carmen’ off her debut album ‘Born To Die’. I utterly love that album and Lana herself and this video is in the same vein as her Video Games one, which featured footage of Lana singing and which was interspersed with old movie clips too, it really suits the mood of the song and it’s definitely a new favourite!

Secondly this week it’s a tutorial from Pixiwoo‘s Nic, and I’m well aware that I feature the Pixiwoo girls on the blog a lot, but they genuinely do create the best make up tutorials out there on Youtube. Being as I love Olivia Wilde, I was really interested to see that Nic uploaded a video last week on how to replicate Olivia’s classic make up look. It’s a real quick and easy one that you can adapt to your taste, and I even tried this out for myself the same day and it worked brilliantly. Being as I was off to work in a hurry I didn’t have time to snap a photo, but I can honestly say that it looked gorgeous and was super simple to do, I definitely recommend giving this look a go.

Lastly it’s a deliciously girly fashion forecasting video from Stylebop which takes you through the key trends for spring/summer. Aptly named Through The Looking Glass it’s a complete fashion fantasy that lasts just under a minute and is sure to have you feeling super inspired this season. I spotted this cute video on Abi Marvel’s amazing blog and was spellbound the second I saw it, don’t miss out!

That’s it for today’s Videos of the Week. As I mentioned don’t forget to check back for more video highlights this Sunday when we’ll be recapping the best videos that are hitting the web right now! Until next time…

Millie x

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