Impulse Purchase(s) of the Week (Blog Featured Special)

Today I bring you an extra special impulse purchase post. Why? Because both of the items I bought this week have been featured before on this blog in various posts and I am so excited to now have them in my collection! When featuring something on this blog, I have to make sure that I love it 100% otherwise it’s just not fair to suggest it as a purchase for someone else, and here’s the evidence that I really do take my own fashion advice.

The first purchase is an amazing pair of shoes that I featured back in January on the blog before it changed location! Although I posted a few days ago about the Miu Miu a-like heels that Topshop are currently offering (click here to check that out), in January River Island had just come out with their versions of the Miu Miu heel and I wrote about those too. I posted this picture of the real Miu Mius that come in at £555 and although I love them, as I said back then, I was never going to be able to afford them and still can’t!

So imagine my surprise when three months on, on browsing River Island’s sale I came across the fab shoes I had featured for only £20 rather than £55, an even greater saving!

I love the dusty pink colour which I think will work well with so many things I have in my wardrobe at the moment. Although I haven’t worn them for a prolonged period of time yet they seemed comfortable for a heel, but then the heel is very thick (the thicker the heel the comfier the step). They were the last pair in my local River Island but you might be lucky if you hop on down there pronto. I can’t believe I saved an extra £35 on shoes I already thought were good value, what a bargain.

If you want to read my original post about the River Island shoes, click here.

My second purchase was more recently featured on the blog, in fact only a few days ago. You may have seen my two part grunge special here on the blog where I posted a lookbook followed by a get-the-look post and it was as part of that series that I posted about this incredible pair of jeans!

I utterly loved these jeans as soon as I saw them online and they fit in perfectly with the more grungy look that I’m going for at the moment (hence the original post). I swooned at them instore a few weeks ago during a frugal shopping trip but couldn’t stretch to the price tag on the limited budget I had that day. When I was reacquainted with them in the sale online I was reminded of how amazing they are and on the day I wrote the grunge post (Tuesday) I popped into my local River Island to try them on. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen, so I hotfooted it over to Westfield where I wasn’t disappointed. For only £15 I think they’re such good value and so unique! I love the gradient/ombre effect and I’m going to be wearing mine with a sloppy tee and tonnes of bracelets and necklaces for a grungy boho look.

If you want to read the original post where these jeans were featured click here.

So those were my purchases for this week folks, stay tuned for plenty more fashion and beauty goodness on its way this week as well as the weekly video rundown on Sunday. Enjoy your Fridays and as usual let me know what you think by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. I love those jeans! I’ve been seeing a lot of ombre jeans for Spring!



  2. I almost sent you a text to tell you that I’d seen the miu-miu-alikes in the sale but my heart told me that you must have already bought them – I’m happy to report that my heart was correct! J’adore! x

    • Ha! Best comment ever, it’s so true I just knew they’d be there. They’re now displayed in full view in the flat and I’m not putting them away until I’m done looking at them, which will probably be never!

      P.S pretty weird currently I’m watching a video review of Delirium by Lauren Oliver, that’s the book you wanted to send me isn’t it? xx

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