Impulse Purchase of the Week 8/03/12

This impulse purchase almost can’t be classed as an ‘impulse’ purchase due to the fact that I’ve been eyeing up a similar dress for weeks and ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over whether to invest in a peplum piece. If you followed my old blog you may be thinking that this dress looks familiar and that’s because I featured an almost identical dress from Miss Selfridge in my V-Day dresses special (click here to visit the post).

It was only when (armed with vouchers again) I recently went into Dorothy Perkins, a shop I seldom visit, and was greeted with this bang smack in the doorway that I tried it on. Ordinarily the mannequins don’t affect my purchases, I almost feel that I need to ‘find’ something in a shop. It doesn’t feel like I’ve earned an item if the shop has offered it to me on a silver platter or featured it in the window display. I can’t recall ever buying anything from a display before. Please correct me if I’m lying guys and you have a better memory than me.

Anyway I loved this from the second I put it on. It looks great, gives you an instant hourglass figure and I’d challenge you to have even your worst ‘fat day’ and not look good in this. I’d happily wear this for a meal out where usually I may steer clear of such a form fitting frock. That my friends is the power of a peplum, it’s an instant food-baby hider, amongst other chic things of course. Peplums were ALL over the catwalk, and what’s strange is that this dress I intend to wear in a Marilyn-esque fashion with pearls and some cute heels, and it was the lovely Michelle Williams who played Marilyn who stepped out in a fab Louis Vuitton peplum at the Oscars.

Photo from

If Michelle’s wearing a peplum dress, I’m wearing a peplum dress. This will be perfect for any spring summer events I might have to attend, it’s very christening and wedding friendly but also work friendly if you wear it right. With a blazer, heels and waisted belt this could look seriously smart and I’m thinking could be the ONLY dress you need to invest in this summer. I have!

Let me know what you think about my latest purchase by commenting or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe, I love getting feedback from you guys. Until next time…

Millie x

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