The Stylish Ten 05/03/12

Welcome to a new week folks, I hope you’re all having a reasonably stress-free Monday! Of course it’s that time of the week where I post my absolute favourite fashion images from last week, so take your tea break, grab a seat and settle in for some serious style.

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First up today is this gorgeous image that is bound to send any girl into a spell of severe hair envy. This mid length, messy/curly ‘do is really simple yet flirty and I love it. I’m 99.9% sure that this is Kirsten Dunst, but my attempts to clarify this were in vain. No matter who it is, the messy hair teamed with manicured nails and super perfect make up is a great balance.

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Technically we’re into spring now, but with news on the way that Britain’s about to get colder before it gets warmer, I haven’t quite packed away my winter jumpers yet. At this time of year I shouldn’t be coveting autumnal looks unless I’m at fashion week, but this is definitely an ensemble I’m trying before spring is really here.

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Some summer sun now with this beach perfect look from Calivintage blogger Erin. This oversized jumper dress is so gorgeous and a great pullover for when the sun goes in on lazy summer beach days. Of course I’m a sucker for anything nautical so the stripes are definitely doing it for me, so cute!

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Does this image even need an explanation? Those shoes are amazing. Having treated myself to an amazing pair of floral jeans from Monki this weekend, I then saw these shoes and thought, THOSE are what I need to wear with my jeans! Clashing print perfection.

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A completely predictable choice from me here, combining my love of pink hair which is highly over-referenced and a cute snuggly winter outfit that’s suitable for the unpredictable weather we’re having in the UK at the moment. I’ve been dreaming of the sun and the cute outfits I can put together when it finally stays, but, with it being slightly erratic lately, I’m being sensible and coveting looks like this that make a great transition for winter to spring.

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Summer inspiration! When I spotted this Red or Dead swimsuit in the March Vogue I audibly gasped and then immediately visited Surfdome to see how much it was. If it were any less than £60 I would probably cave, but seeing as I’m not going to be hitting the beach until the beginning of August I just can’t justify it. Just look at it! It’s red, is covered in ships in bottles and even has rope detailing. Probably the best bit of beachwear I’ve ever seen.

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A serious lesson in chic layering now from Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. Double polka dots, stripes, an oversized clutch and necklace. Phew. That’s a whole lot of fabulous in one outfit but it works. Blair proves you should never swerve pattern mixing and that you can look fab rather than frumpy in colder weather. Noted.

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Taking my pink hair obsession to the next level here, I adore this visual. So neither me nor you will recreate this look unless it’s a fancy dress party or you happen to be Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love it anyway. You can never have too much pink!

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A simple yet elegant look now from Poppy Delevingne at the LFW Topshop show. Those trousers are fabulous and I love that she’s given them the attention they deserve by toning down the rest of the ensemble. The red lip perfectly compliments this super chic look. Mega love.

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Last but by no means least, it’s my ultimate style icon Marilyn Monroe in a look that perfectly summarises today’s Stylish Ten. It’s that transitional period now where we’re neither in winter nor spring and every day brings cold harsh wind, sun and then rain. What do you wear? As you can tell from this week’s images I’ve been loving both summer and winter looks, but Marilyn here is wearing a classic winter jumper to the beach pretty much as transitional as you can get!

That’s it for this week’s Stylish Ten, of course check back this time next week to see my favourite fashion images from this week. What fashion looks have you guys been loving at the moment? Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me as usual @MillieDelacoe. Also, if you can’t wait a week for more pretty pictures you can always add me on visual bookmarking site We Heart It by clicking here. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. great post! Really love the polka dot pants. Thanks for sharing x

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