February Favourites

Yesterday on the blog was all about looking forward to the super fashionable events that March has to offer and all the new releases you should look out for, (click here to check that out). Today, it’s all about looking back at the products that really impressed me in February and that I would highly recommend.

Number 1 is the most random of the products as it doesn’t fit within the fashion or beauty bracket, but I wanted to give it a shout out anyway. As you will no doubt discover during this post, I’m a bit nuts about coconut and I love nothing more than a coconut hot chocolate. Of course, it’s not the best thing to be drinking on a daily basis and seriouly dents your wallet if you’re buying it regularly from a coffee shop. That’s why I love Options Caribbean Coconut sachets, nice to your wallet and your waistline, and don’t taste any different to me than the fattier ones. Currently they’re £1.50 for 7 in Morrison’s which is where I got mine so it works out so much cheaper and you can make it in the comfort of your own home!

Number 2 is the second of the only two items that aren’t strictly beauty or fashion related. It’s Lana Del Rey’s debut album Born To Die. My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday after my not-so-subtle hints and it is truly a great album. After hearing Video Games, Born To Die and Blue Jeans I knew I was going to love hearing more of her husky vocals, but there’s a great variation of tracks on the album from the upbeat to the downright melancholy. There are definitely tracks for everyone, if you get the chance you should also check out my other favourites from the album Off To The Races, Without You and Radio which are slightly more tongue-in-cheek and give Lana a chance to show her versatility.

Number 3 is Claire’s Accessories’ gold glitter nail polish which I mentioned briefly in my Video of the Week post on Sunday, (click here to read that). Aside from it being a great dense glitter polish, I’ve found it works best for tips and doing the graduated nail look as demonstrated by Sprinkle of Glitter in Sunday’s post. A good bargain for only £2.50!

Number 4
is a small treat I picked up in the airport on the way to Venice. Having had terribly dry lips lately I needed a balm to sort them out, and of course I wanted it to smell delicious. This coconut lip butter from The Body Shop is a great consistency and even leaves a light glossy look on the lips while moisturising and repairing. You can pick this up for £4 from The Body Shop and on the day I bought it they had a fab bundle deal where you could pick up 3 for 2 so keep your eyes peeled to make some savings.

Number 5 is one of the hands-down best things I’ve bought this month. Beauty bloggers everywhere have been loving the I Love… range of lotions and scrubs which look exactly the same as these and even carry the same scents. Being as this brand, My Coconut Island, is being stocked in Tesco for only £2.99 apiece I’m wondering whether they’re producing a cheaper alternative to the I Love… range. I picked up this My Coconut Island body scrub as it looked the same as the I Love… range and I wanted to give it a go. Being as my lip butter, shampoo and conditioner are all coconut I prefer to have all my products in the same scent so there’s no jarring. Aside from smelling divine and not too sweet, this scrub works wonders when used in conjunction with exfoliating mitts which you can pick up cheap from any beauty store. It really leaves my skin feeling soft and free of dry/dead particles and lathers up so you don’t have to use too much per shower.

P.S I eventually found the I Love…Coconut range in Superdrug and really detested the smell, while it’s coconutty there’s also a strong marzipan scent with vanilla which I found really sickly. If you’re deliberating between the two brands I’d definitely recommend picking up the supermarket alternative, My Coconut Island.

Number 6 is the Babyliss Curling Wand which I bought for £19.99 at Argos this month. While I have the Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Wavers, which I can’t rave about enough, I wanted something that I could just curl the ends of my hair with for a looser waved look. This wand gives you more freedom to tong random parts of your hair for a less high-maintenance do. It heats up more or less instantly and comes with a heatproof glove so you don’t burn yourself though I’ve opted out of using that as it makes my hair static! Depending on how long you hold it on your hair, you can create ringlets to brush out for a Dita Von Teese/Lana Del Rey ’40s look so I’d definitely recommend it for that. This video with hairstylist Beverley C will give you an idea of all the styles you can try with the wand.

Number 7 is another product from My Coconut Island at Tesco which I’ve been using in conjunction with my body scrub. Of course after that exfoliation it’s important to put moisture back into your skin so after a shower I work this body butter into my skin to do exactly that. This is a really lovely creamy texture that blends into the skin super quick. I hate waiting around for products like this to sink in, so this really fits the bill. It smells amazing, obviously being coconut but I’ll point out that this range comes in more fruity scents including a yummy lemonade scent too if you want to opt for something different. Again I much prefer this to the I Love… range and this butter comes in at £2.99 aswell so it’s a great price for such a lot of product and it really goes a long way.

Number 8 you will recognise if you read my blog post all about it, it’s Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast mascara which I adore. I won’t repeat myself incase you’ve already read that post so click here to read my review of the mascara, if you haven’t already.

Number 9, last but by no means least is my mini handbag saviour. As I mentioned earlier I visited The Body Shop during a 3 for 2 sale in the airport so picked this up alongside my lip butter and yes, it’s also coconut scented but they have so many other scents to choose from too. Living in the city sends a germophobe like me, super crazy, especially holding rails on the tube, pressing traffic light buttons etc. etc. so I always, always, always carry hand sanitiser around with me. My only problem, until now, has been how much I detest the smell of them, they either smell like vodka or my nemesis, cucumber. Now I can protect myself from germs and smell like a tropical paradise. I should also point out that my hands get rather dry when using hand sanitiser yet this has kept my hands nicely moisturised too, a nice surprise that I wasn’t expecting. I’m not positive of how much this is, as I said it came in a bundle deal but it wasn’t any more than £4 for this big bottle.

So there we go, that was my February Favourites. I just want to point out two things: 1. I bought and paid for everything mentioned myself, aside from the album my boyfriend bought me of course, and wasn’t paid to review any of these things. I genuinely want to recommend good products to you guys so I hope that comes across. 2. I know there was a lot of coconut in there today, but every single thing I mentioned that was coconut can also be purchased in a variety of other scents so now you know the actual product is good you can pick it in whatever scent you prefer!

Have you picked up any of these things this month and do you plan to try any? Also, if you’ve tried anything great you think I’d like leave me a comment or tweet me, I love hearing your suggestions. Until next time I’ll leave you with some of the best February Favourites videos from some of my favourite Youtubers, so if you don’t fancy anything in my favourites you may find something helpful in theirs. Enjoy!

Millie x

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  1. Great blog post, I will definitely have to invest in some curling tongues 🙂 x

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