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This week’s Stylish Ten is up a day late due to the Oscars post taking precedence, but never fear, here are my favourite images from the last few weeks. Usually I accumulate one week’s worth of images ready for this post, but due to the moving of the blog some of these images date back to New York Fashion Week, but hurrah now we’re up to speed! You can probably tell from these images that I’m totally into more grungy looks at the moment and keep looking to casual cool looks a la Kristen Stewart for outfit ideas. So without further ado, here are all the latest looks I’ve been coveting…check back next Monday for the ten most stylish images of this week.

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First up is this gorgeous image of Jessica Hart, get ready for pretty much all of this week’s images to have that grungy vibe. I love how this look appears to be really comfortable and worn in, but still with that element of high fashion about it. Jessica’s hair is great too, it really adds to the laidback look. This is a great look to replicate at home with wet look leggings and your favourite band t-shirt, I know I’m definitely going to give it a go.

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Next up is an image that’s been doing the rounds on a few blogs lately, I feel like it’s following me everywhere. As you may know from past Stylish Tens, I love Charlotte Free and of course pink hair so naturally that’s what drew me in to Wildfox’s new Sirene campaign. So many bloggers I follow wear Wildfox and I’m loving their entire new collection and wish it was a bit more affordable. However, this ‘I’m really a mermaid’ jumper is so cute and has me swooning, imagine chilling on the beach in that in the evenings. I’m off to daydream.

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This is such an unusual choice for me and yet, I utterly, utterly love this rocky look that Ashlee Simpson is pulling off. Never having been a particular fan or follower of the Simpson sisters or their careers this image suddenly made me want to be a follower of Ashlee’s fashion choices. This look was perfectly apt for the Rock & Republic event Ashlee attended at NYFW and it’s making me want to buy a bowler hat, I already have two scarves which are incredibly similar and this outfit is otherwise so simple it’s easy to recreate. Yes.

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Today’s only non-fashion photo comes courtesy of Kimberley Gordon of Wildfox who blogged this picture of her spare room the other day. Check out how beautiful that is! Apparently she was packing for a trip to Las Vegas but I love the composition of this image and of course, mostly the romantic/shabby chic decor. Kimberley always uploads gorgeous pictures so you should definitely check out her blog, and if you love this room as much as me, there are loads more images from the same room up there too.

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Another photo from Studded Hearts’ blog, which is fast becoming one of my favourites at the moment as you can probably tell. What I love about this image is that if you were to describe this outfit, it would sound horrific, yet it completely works. For me at least. I feel like the oversized chain really brings the look together and gives it that truly grungy edge without being too gothic. It’s very ’90s but then I guess I am too, bring on the nostalgia!

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As previously mentioned Kristen Stewart is my style icon at the moment, partly due to this gorgeous image which I think is just one of the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen of her. The hair is perfectly messy, she’s got that great slouchy jumper on and all that black kohl liner going on too. The great thing is a look like this is super easy to do, I guess you could call it a make ‘under’ rather than a makeover as technically you don’t even need to brush your hair, though I don’t know if I’m ready to go that grungy yet!

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An antidote to the previous image now and we’re going a bit more prim with this look from the Kate Spade collection at New York Fashion Week. Kate’s designs are always so cute and this t-shirt has stolen my heart. I say we’re going more prim, but then again if I owned this tee, I’d probably wear it with jeans and a messy Kristen hairdo, a la the previous image or grunge it up Mary Kate and Ashley style (they’re on the way in this post don’t worry!) mixing high fashion with more worn in pieces.

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I told you Mary Kate and Ashley were on the way! Their hair is too cool in this picture and this image is the epitome of the type of look I’m loving at the moment. They manage to merge a fun, grungy look with high fashion pieces to create a look that’s not too serious and I love that. The pink hair with roots is so Charlotte Free as well so of course that’s right up my street.

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Another deviation back to Wildfox here, swoon. This ’90s summer look is totally what I envision myself wearing as soon as the sun’s here to stay. Whoever thought that dressing like Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains It All would come back round in style again? Strictly no high ponytails or scrunchies though guys, that’s a step too far.

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Last but not least it’s some more hair inspiration here courtesy of this gorgeous model. For some unknown reason my hair keeps wanting to fall this way now that it’s growing out and I am not complaining. It’s a look I’ve always sort of been against before and I’ve never been one for ‘natural’ hair, but I’m definitely growing out of that phase and looking forward to leaving my hair to do its thing, wavy and swept to the side.

What do you think of this week’s Stylish Ten and what images have you been loving from last week? Don’t forget to leave me a comment or tweet me @MillieDelacoe, I love finding new inspiration and new blogs to follow. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Fantastic blog! I love the sparkly tights!! 🙂

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