Beauty Bargain: Sally Hansen HD for £1!

Nail polish is probably one of the things I buy far too often. I know this, I know it’s bad, I know I don’t need them but I can’t stop. So help me, I’m an addict, but I accept it. Many girls I know have this problem, it’s an expensive one at that. When we see a nail tutorial or new line of polishes on a pretty rack and there’s that hue or glitter mix that we don’t have…we cave. So girls, if you are this girl of which I speak, if you, like me, spend too much on polish, I’m here to cut you a break.

I follow a lot of American bloggers, vloggers, gurus, Youtubers who are Sally Hansen obsessed and who rave about her HD range (some of which is holographic) and that comes in a range of colours. Of course, this is Britain and Sally Hansen is so not a cheap brand over here, and what we do see of Sally Hansen in Boots or Superdrug is all nail CARE not nail COLOUR. Imagine my surprise when on wandering the aisles of Poundland the other day I found said holographic polish. And not only did I find it, but the name of the shop should tell you how cheap it was.

Poundland often stock American cosmetics brands I’ve noticed and they package them within their tacky Poundland cellophane wrappers, but don’t be put off. What’s inside is still the original product. I read reviews of the polish’s consistency etc. when I got home, and the polish is 100% the same as all the bloggers’ who talked about it in the first place.

Now for the fun part, it looks incredible! This isn’t my swatch, this is from Polish Up’s blog as I’m awful at photographing my nails but just look at it. I could only find this specific shade while I was in the shop, it’s called Spectrum and is the most fabulous holographic blue, it turns green and purple when you move your nails under lights etc. It wore really well, I wore it for four days with no chips and then had to take it off for work but I bet it would have lasted about another day or so. That for me is perfect as I like to change my nail colour quite often.

Go get it while it’s still there! Stock up! I’m absolutely kicking myself for picking up ONE, why on earth did I do that? Let me know if you manage to grab one, I do hope this helped some habits. Tweet me your thoughts on what Sally Hansen polishes to look out for next, I need to get more now!

Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. I love the pound shop for beauty products! I’ve got some great bargains lately including the Sally hansen polishs I always keep my eye out for new colours

    • It’s great isn’t it, one of my greatest finds (aside from this of course) was a Rimmel eyeshadow that had only just hit Boots. I actually went to Boots later that day and saw it there for £6 something in exactly the same shade! xx

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