Welcome to She Hearts The High Street!

I’m Camilla or Millie, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who thought it was about time to move her old fashion blog somewhere new and exciting! Ever since my university set up a blog for each student back in 2009 I have had to live within the restrictions of that account which allows minimal design alterations and that has many flaws. I decided that since I’m a graduate now, I should take the organic step to a graduate account that incorporates all my needs. It was about time my blog linked to all my social media platforms, and hooray now I have a blog that accommodates that important factor! Before I go on I just want to thank my lovely boyfriend Adam for helping me out with the design, as a graphic designer it would be silly of me not to use his design skills, and I’m thrilled I did, thank you.

My old blog which I'm keeping for archive purposes

Housekeeping aside, you can find out more about me by clicking ‘about me’ or adding me on Twitter, but for those of you who haven’t followed me from my old blog this is the place I post all my latest fashion finds from the high street, as well as sneak peeks of my outfits too! Whether you’re a make up junkie, nail polish addict, complete clothes horse and shopaholic or even like a bit of homeware, I cover it all and my speciality is picking out designer doubles. As a ’50s loving Mad Men fanatic there’s always a healthy dose of vintage featured here too.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always followed me, or you’re new to the blog, I hope you find something here that helps you on your high street quest, and failing that, just makes you smile!

Millie x

P.S you can check out all my old posts since 2009 by clicking here.

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