Anchors Away


There are few symbols in life that mean quite as much to me as anchors do. You know I love skulls, yes, a heart is an obvious one…but anchors are very dear to my heart. Having been brought up on the coast, spending my days as a child on the beaches of Wales, to living out my university years in the maritime town of Falmouth, anchors have always been a strong symbol in my life. It makes perfect sense that my first (and currently only) tattoo is also an anchor, the design drawn by my best friend and talented illustrator Hannah Brown, to symbolise our friendship, which began in a small town in Cornwall, known for its smuggling heritage and sea shanty festival. You can understand why, when the lovely team behind Sailbrace got in touch with me recently, to try out their dainty anchor bracelets, I couldn’t help but get involved.


Sailbrace‘s slogan is ‘anchor yourself to something special’, and it really resonates with me, because anchors, beyond their purpose, do anchor me to not just places in my life, but memories, and moments that I treasure. I can be wary of products that claim to be sentimental, and believe it’s up to the owner of an item to decide whether it should carry that sort of weight, but with Sailbrace I feel different. There’s nothing saccharine here, it’s not overdone or oversold- they’re just beautiful little bracelets, with a positive message, and I can hand on heart say they’re a perfect gift. There is so much thought and effort put into the presentation and packaging, and opening up the bracelet is an event in itself.


I chose the Golden Touch colourway, but there’s so much choice, you can choose something so personal for your friends and family, that represents them and their taste. Gold and black was an obvious choice for me, but the beauty is it will go with everything. I love that the branding on the little bracelet isn’t too overt, and the design is very simple in essence, it’s also extremely comfortable to wear, you’ll forget you’ve got it on. I have to admit that I often have to give up bracelets halfway through the day as I find them obstructive, but this one is discrete and stays strong- through work, commuting, the gym and all the trials a day in the city can throw at it. I love that the bands are sturdy and yet flexible, and aren’t going to disintegrate through introduction to water. These sweet bracelets start at £15 and go up to £19, so they won’t break the bank, and I even have a 10% discount code for you, if you’d like to get one for yourself or someone you love! Just use ‘sheheartsthehighstreet’ to save yourself 10%! That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it- let me know what you think- and if these are up your street, I’d love to know. Stay tuned for another video this weekend, and I’ll see you all soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Love this 🙂 My favourite symbols are also skulls and anchors so this is right up my street!

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